Wing Commander Prophecy Bug.


Hi all.
I finally got my copy of Wing Commander Prophecy after all these years and I'm loving it!
According to my history folder I'm starting mission 53 or 54. As the TCS Midway approaches the Kilrah jumpoint, I have to protect her from a Nephilim attack force that is approaching the carrier. The minute the briefing is over and my ship is about to launch, the mission ends saying my carrier has been destroyed.
Anyone know what it might be? :(


Cry some more!
That's a known bug. I think the soultion is playing the Simulator mission six for a few seconds. Weird, but works.


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
Not weired at all - basically a vital component of the ship (the ship killer cannon?) was destroyed in an earlier mission. Thus you loose the mission immediately. By playing said sim missions which include the midway the Midway is repaired.