Wing Commander Petition

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I don't mind the Irish but what I can't stand is why they cast Colin Ferrell as Alexander in the movie...that's got to be the worst possible casting mistake ever made in history. Sure, he looks okay as the part but that Irish accent is devastating to the character...they should have gone with another good British Actor like Richard that man knew how to act!
That's OK. You don't like the Irish, and we don't like you. Perhaps we can settle our differences with a petition of some sort?
You know, for once you people managed to turn a very stupid thread into a funny one, and not the other way around... :D
Thank you
In Alexander they did bot make Colin Ferrel gay enough. I think they needed Jack frfom Will & Grace *shudder*
Ridgerunner said:
What do you mean "gay enough"? Do you need to see dicks in assholes to convince you that someone is gay?

This went from Wing Commander dumb to regular dumb pretty fast.
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