Wing Commander Performed by Another Swedish Orchestra (February 12, 2019)


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Wing Commander has once again appeared live in concert! This time the WC1 music was performed by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra at the February 9 Joystick 11.0 convention (translated). Did anyone happen to make it there in person? We haven't found a first hand account yet, but it could have sounded like the video below from the graduation ceremonies of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Crazy enough, these two instances weren't the only Swedish orchestra to play Wing Commander in the last few years. Sweden's apparently the place to be if you want to hear live classical WC tunes!

Welcome to the eleventh edition of Joystick, Malmö Symphony Orchestra's annual music music concert!

Experience a magical evening filled with powerful, imaginative music from the world of computer and video games. Today, the genre is well-established and is found in many orchestras repertoires worldwide. Joystick is one of our most visited events and appeals to both young and old gamblers and music enthusiasts. Production is a collaboration with Underscore Production AB.

Bloodborne - Suite (Ryan Amon)
Final Fantasy VII - Main Theme (Nobuo Uematsu)
Final Fantasy IX - Suite (Nobuo Uematsu)
Conan Exiles - Main Theme (Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
Battlefield One - Flight of the Pigeon / Classic Theme (Johan Söderqvist / Patrik Andrén)
Horizon Zero Dawn - Suite (Joris De Man)
- break -
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - Finding the Pattern (Jessica Curry)
Hitman 2 - Main Theme (Jesper Kyd)
Commodore Amiga - Medley (Various)
Wing Commander - Suite (Alistair Sanger / David Govett)
Shadow of the Colossus - Suite (Kow Otani)
The Last Guardian - Suite (Takeshi Furukawa)
The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine - Lullaby of Woe (Marcin Przyblowicz)
* Joiner, Melville, Land, Goldstein, Gesqua, Hubbard, Hülsbeck

Original update published on February 12, 2019


Done by the same production company that organised 'we come in peace', that played in Göteborg a few years ago. During the second week of january I was at another concert organised by Orvar ( Sagas - a fantasy film music concert) and they mentioned Joystick 11.0 but I didn't think too much of it as it was quite far away (kinda regret that now), they have another concert soon 3rd march in Linköping with another film music concert -


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Cool, I don't see Wing Commander in their March 3 concert, right?
The same group has several different concert series. Gooing back several years they have one production of game music called "score" which had the WC suite at one time but hasn't in it's more recent lineups. I had searched to see if they had any recent concerts coming up and never got any hits on if WC would be included because most of the concert listings did not include the full setlist, opting to list only about half the tracks.

EDIT: Hmm I'm not sure if I've missed this concert listing in the past or not, but it seems Joystick is a concert series that has steadily morphed every year... I'm not sure if it only plays in Malmo but this year's was titled Joystick 11.0... The 2014 version was 6.0 and Wing Commander opened the show:

It looks like Joystick 12 is already planned for February of next year but it's too early to tell if WC will still be in the lineup
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