Wing commander Online Project Announcement


Hi Everybody!
Since it seems I had some difficultes in reaching Loaf and the wcnews staff to give the news, I'll post it here!

I hope that nobody will take it bad.

It is with pleasure that I announce the birth of a new project dedicated to Wing Commander, Wing Commander Online.

The project is an online virtual interface based upon the recently released Atmosphere program, by Adobe.
the purposes of this project are multiple, since its features include virtual online chat (you can chat looking directly at the person you want to chat with, via a 3D avatar), you can enter in a complete virtual reality featuring a Wing Commander III era ship, called "TCS MEDITERRANEAN SEA", with a bar, a flight deck, a bridge and so on.

As you may understand, the main objective at the time is to give the Wing Commander Community (and of course the CIC) a true ship to be in, to chat with other wingnuts and -somehow- to live together. Imagine to be really in the world of Wing Commander, with the rules of Confederation ships.
All the RPG based game could recive a big helping hand by being put in a virtual world-universe like this.

Moreover this is not a mod but a completely new project, based upon a brand new engine. This together with many other features leads the way to let approach new fan at the Wing Commander Universe.

which means: giving Wing Commander a future

I've been able to release a test version of the project, which consists of a WCIII era ship bar. It lacks some features (such as WC style avatars and music bar) but it'll give you the idea. I suggest you to check it at the same time with other wing commander fans, so you'll be already able to meet online!

To gain more informations please head your browsers to:
or projects area.

Thank you all and Enjoy,

Francesco "flap" Rossi


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Well, it looks neat. The odds are against it actually being completed, but good luck and all.

Mmkay, well I tried it out. It's pretty neat to walk around and stuff. I actually am not quite sure how I was able to walk around, mostly I turn in circles. And there's some scary guy in tight jeans and an adobe shirt gesturing at me. I don't know about using this place as a chat zone.. it's a little bit more cumbersome than irc. But when the world gets built up a whole bunch more it'd be fun to play hide and seek or have scavenger hunts in there or something maybe. My little guy also seems only like four feet tall. He doesn't look over counters and tables as nice as I'd like.


I don't know, I walked around, I thought it was fun. If you give us an entire ship to walk around I'll love you forever.


Hey it's interesting, I'm very intrigued to see how this turns out. I went to the site but couldn't seem to get it to work...keep us updated though.


I ever wished to make my own 3D online Chat world, which doesn't require much cacheloading or even a client software - I would be there the almighty Kilrathi-admin through a Kilrathi 3D-Avatar :D

Your project seems to be an interesting start.


Ok, the flight deck is coming along, here are some screenshots...
As you can see it features a little shuttle there on the runway. I'm planning to import some hellcat if I'll solve some conversion issues I've got!
Striker, probably u're not able to make it work because you haven't downloaded the plugin yet. You need to check the files area of my little site to get started properly :)
Spien I'll try to make our newly born love story endure forever! :)
And ace why the hell have u written "u go girl!" !?!?!?!? :-\
I'll let you know as soon as I publish the deck!


and here are the screens:


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So I assume that there will b others walking around like a MMOPG, will we all look different or the same?


There's a bunch of avatars to choose from... I picked the kitty cat one.

The flight deck is looking pretty nice so far, flap.


You assume right...once completed the briefing room and the flight deck we could have a meeting to test it!
As for the avatars those Spien chose from are only the defaults one. I'm working even on there...I hope I can make a couple of humans and (but thatìs harder) a kilrathi one.


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Might look better with a fligth suit.


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