Wing Commander on Netflix


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If IGN is actually correct, they are currently saying Aug 1st it looks like Wing Commander will be on Netflix for streaming. Though safe to say most if not all already own the dvd/blu-ray/both.


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Fascinating. We'll have to wait and see...

Other websites are saying the same thing but in this age of copy-paste reporting, whos to say they're all not citing the same lie. (Though it would be a damn weird thing to lie about)

Perhaps we should have a Wing Commander Netflix Streaming party?

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Not a lie; Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. put out a press release at the end of each month that these articles are based on.


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Can we get an IRC event going for this Saturday? Maybe do a community watching event. I'm sure Netflix would notice the upswing in however they read movie popularity.


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Given the short notice, we're probably just looking at 5-10 people. Probably not enough to show a blip on Netflix's radar, but still a fun thing to set up if someone wants to coordinate.


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Well if not this weekend what about next? How about we make it "a thing"? Or we can all just turn it on during the CIC's party?


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I'm reasonably certain that we'd be willing to wait for you to queue it up on dvd, blu-ray or even vhs :D


I thought about watching this movie last night on netflix, but couldnt do it bc I hate this movie so bad on so many levels, the few space battles are the only thing that saves this movie at all for me. I dont hate matthew lillard like some (he can act in certain movies) but he is unbearable here.

Instead I watched behind enemy gates, which I think is an underrated movie. it has its faults but is a good movie. One of my favorite movies that was marketed all wrong to the public was russel crowe in master and commander. it is a great adventure sea movie