Wing Commander Movie Bomber


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Extremely similar design, but I do not believe it's a reused model. More like a shared concept! Thinking more about it, it also shares a significant style with the Avenger bomber from Wing Commander IV. I wonder if they are the same modeler.

Thanks Ben,

Was thinking about it after playing Starlancer and then watching the movie. Both being I'm not sure which way to put it...but involved with Digital Anvil...they looked pretty close. Going to have to see if I can look into the game and movie credits.
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The plot thickens! There's an interesting ship we discussed in another thread that also resembles the above vessels.

Super Wing Commander Ferry Craft:

Wing Commander IV Avenger:

Wing Commander movie bomber:

Starlancer Bomber:

...and I also thought the Errant class (below, right) from the Wing Commander movie had similar aspects to the above vessels too, although LOAF pointed out it's probably more inspired by the Millenium Falcon:

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