Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Success Kid (May 16, 2018)

I'm pretty sure there was at least one time I saved the ralari, got it back to the 'Claw and then ejected just so I could fly the Rostov missions.
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Yes, but Kurasawa 2... to throw away Kurasawa 2... the Ralari... there is no sense to it. It's just not right. No one ever does that. No one. Ever. Except you, apparently. Hence I can't help thinking you just might be a stark raving lunatic :).
Oh, I'm definitely a stark raving lunatic. I even chose the Gladius instead of the Saber at the end of Standoff Episode 1 a few times.
Well... that's not that crazy :). I mean, it's kind of fun to see the jump into Capella at least once. It's pretty unique - a whole system where the lighting is designed for just a single mission. If I recall correctly, we were really pushing the film noir buttons to the max there. So definitely, worth flying the Gladius.
By the time you get the Ralari to the Tiger's Claw the hard part of the mission is over. I didn't feel like I was accomplishing much by just landing and I had a hard time believing it would be destroyed at that point if i ejected. So after I had seen the winning debriefing once or twice I didn't feel like I was throwing away very much.