Wing Commander Jazz Albums Shipped! (February 10, 2019)


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George Oldziey reports that the Wing Commander Jazz Albums have been shipped! If you haven't sent your address in - or you don't receive yours in a week or so, let George know what's up! The cover art by SabreAce just looks fantastic. Some of the initial plans for a future campaign to record even more Wing Commander music are in the very preliminary stages, so stay tuned in the coming months for that. It's been a long road to get all of this amazing music put together, but the results have been very impressive!

Greetings all! All the CDs for which I have received shipping instructions have been shipped. I sent off the last of them today, mostly overseas. So if you have not received them in a week or so let me know. Most of you should have already received them. I hope you are enjoying them!

I'll keep you all posted on when the next phase of Volume 2 orchestral recording begins.

Thank you for your patience, as well as your wonderful support!

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Here's a fun compilation collage of both physical albums by Pete Andrew:

Finally in my hands!!! I've listened to this music from the Wing Commander games since I was a child and now, thanks to Master Oldziey’s great job, I’ll be able to do it better... much much better!
Original update published on February 10, 2019


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Got mine a few days ago in Germany. It's nice.

Though one question: I didn't follow the project very closely and I never downloaded anything. Are all new recodrings on the CD or were some only available for download?

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That's right, the MIDI versions he mocked up are on there. (Also technology has changed to the point that it's much, much more difficult to tell the difference between a mockup and something recorded with an orchestra...)


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Is that Vol1 CD from the previous kickstarter or this one? Pretty sure my pledge doesn't cover the Jazz CD but it does Vol 1 and 2 on CD, but not heard anything yet.

EDIT: Never mind, I'd missed the address request e-mail. Could have sworn Kickstarter asked for it when pledging.
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