Wing Commander IV Box Art (April 3, 2012)

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Wing Commander IV's simple red box art was a startling depature--so much so that a slipcover using the European "movie poster" art was ultimately added to the US release, covering the original Black Lance logo concept.

Interesting note: the first printing of the game has a typo right on the box cover! It reads "biologigal" instead of biological. Trey Hermann explains: "I was the packaging design supervisor for Origin Systems when Wing Commander IV was released. And I was the sod who designed the box and didn't catch the typo on sign-off. Neither did anyone else in the marketing department for that matter, well at least until after the boxes had already hit the shelves. The typo was fixed for the second printing of the game."

Original update published on April 3, 2012
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Never noticed it on my box! Checked it out just now and sure enough.. Biologigal... Is the sticker on the inside of the box an indication of the order of creation? Mine was 9054.


I never noticed it either! But I have a copy with the misspelling as well. And the number on the inside lid is 9089. Wonder what that means?