Wing Commander Games I didnt Finish!!


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As the title says !

Be honest what WC games you havent finished for any reason.

My list:

1)Wing Commander Privateer 1 and RF:I always found privateer a very difficult but interesting game , I must give it a try now that I am a grown expirienced man :rolleyes:

2) Wing Commander Prophecy GB advanced: Ok I bought it because it is a wing commander title !I enjoyed it a lot , but never had the patience to finish it!

3)Wing Commander IV Playstation :Well thats due to techical reasons , the 3rd CD is badly damaged ,because I bought it used.

4)Wing Commander Armada :Gauntlet Missions . I dont know why....Now I must give it a try ,I have trained enough at the Standoff simulator :D

5)Wing Commander Amiga 500 : That was my first Wing Commander game I played ! I had it authentic ,but I miss 1 disk , the I cant really finish it.Also my Commodore Amiga doesnt work anymore :(


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I never finished Special Operations because, well, somehow it was buggy or something like that, I don't remember exactly.

Also I never finished Privateer or RF because when I finally got it in 2000 something was broken. Now I got it from a coworker and it seems to work so I'll play it.

That was the only two I own and haven't finished.
But I don't own the three A's: Academy, Armada and Arena.
I played Academy a few years ago and had the impression it was just an advanced simulator like the one in Shotglass' bar. So I wasn't that interested. Never played Armada though, so I don't know if I like the gameplay.

Also I only played PC games, so no GBA or other console games.

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You are lucky, you still have more to do. I have finished them all.

... I'm chasing a rumor that Privateer was ported to the Japanese PC98 computer now... if that turns out to be real then I haven't played that one... yet. :)


I have never played anything that wasn't released for the PC.

I have never played either of the Privateer games because I dislike open-ended games. I could just about put up with Freelancer (which isn't really open-ended at all), but never found Elite or Frontier interesting (which is a bit ironic given that several of my friends work for David Braben these days).

And then I've also not played Academy because it didn't seem particularly interesting.

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Privateer is the same concept as FreeLancer--a linear series of story missions for the story in the middle of a world where you can fly around at your discretion (less hand-holding then FreeLancer, though--the game doesn't stop you from venturing out into the world when you aren't ready).


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I only did my tour of duty on the PC. The only PC game I don't have is Prophecy, but I did play the entire game at a friend's house.


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I have played and finished all the games in the "main series" (the numbered games) for PC. Never played any of the others.


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For those who've only played PC games, here's a good place to continue your Wing Commander experience:

Some are relatively straightforward ports, but there are also cases like the 3DO version of Wing Commander 3 that are substantially different and worth seeking out. The Armada gauntlet is also a very rewarding experience. It's a full thirty-mission story (a fifteen mission campaign for each race) that you can now play through cooperatively with a friend online!
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Privateer: I bought it, and after much work, managed to get it to run. Loved it initially. But it was taking too long for my patience to accumulate enough money to get a decent ship. Then I ventured out in the world before I was ready, as LOAF says, and got creamed. It discouraged me enough that I stopped playing for a while...and now I can't get it to run on my more modern computer. I'm contemplating Gemini gold...

RF: See above.

Secret Ops: I was playing this episode by episode as it was released...and was in college at the time. Then around Episode 3 or 4 or so it ran afoul of a major design project, and I got off track. Computer died, and I didn't go back to Wing Commander for a long time. By the time I picked it up again, the episodes and fiction were no longer free, and I didn't feel like buying Prophecy Gold when I already owned Prophecy. Now it's free again, but after playing Standoff, Secret Ops feels rather...well...soulless and empty, and I just can't get into it enough to spend any of my extremely limited game-playing time on.

Academy: Bought it at a yard sale, but could never get it to run adequately on modern computers. For what amounts to a WC2 flight simulator, I never saw the point in expending too much effort trying (of all the games, I disliked WC2's flight engine the most).

In addition, I've never owned any of the exotic ports. Plus, I've never owned Armada (never could find it), and never owned or played Arena (I'm a PS3 owner, not an X-Box owner, so there goes that idea).


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I never finished priv 1,rf and armada gauntlet. is it acutally possible to save the gauntlet progress in armada? i don't have the time to finish all gauntlet missions at once :rolleyes:


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I got pretty much to the end of priv1 and ended up stuck running from the steltek drone. But that was on an old PC and have yet to go back and finish the final moments of the p1 story... Guess I should get at it. Next up I need to finish the armada gauntlet. Otherwise, it's time for me to start tracking down the various ports.


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I'll admit to never having played 'academy'
have not finished the gauntlet in armada for either race
never finished privateer, but have completed riteous fire

I also have to admit to not having played many of the simulator missions from other games.