Wing Commander: Eternal Vigilance


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Wing Commander V: Eternal Vigilance

Category: Sci-Fi

Year: August 17th, 2678

(This is a Prequel to the actual story, im just showing here how things lead up to what will be the storyline when the actual fict gets started! So, enjoy this special preview, and don't forget to check out the Audition for a Introduction Voice Actor in the Fan Projects Section.)

Writers Note: Eternal Vigilance is my adaptation of what I think should have happened a month before and 5 years after Wing Commander IV, this is in no way ‘Canon’ as most Fan Ficts aren’t…So, a few of the things we know in the Wing Commander Series may change. View this, as an alternate reality if you will…Im just trying to see how this idea would play out, so. Everyone who reads I appreciate any feedback!

Keep in mind since some things have changed, im going to write as if Prophecy never happened ‘Hence the reason why I number this as Wing Commander V’. The reason being, I have different ideas for what happens before and after TPOF. Firstly Col. Blair was exiled from Con-Fed for being a Traitor, and it was never found out that Con-Fed was starting to become corrupt…So, in fact Con-Fed is now becoming its own worst enemy.

Col. Blair is the only person left who knows the truth, and as such Con-Fed fights Non-Stop to find him and eliminate him Permanently. Admiral Tolwyn knows if Blair lives, many people will believe him…given his status as a War Hero, and the man who defeated the Kilrathi. Only time will tell what will become of the Colonel.

Prologue\Story Introduction: This story takes place 5 years after the events of The Price of Freedom, the Confederation has won the fight with the Border Worlds and peace has rained out or so the people think…Factions within the Con-Fed itself are working to take over the Government as a whole, and bring down the scariest kind of terror.

On the fringe of still free space a lone Privateer named Aaron Daniels and his Wife and Small Daughter, work to make a living finding and selling anything that is sellable…From Food to Ship Parts, all the way up to Priceless Artifacts on Colonies long since forgotten. Neither of them know that their lives are about to change, when they meet an Exiled War Hero…Exiled for his Crimes in Betraying the Con-Federation almost 5 years before, Col. Christopher Blair has been traveling space staying one step ahead of The Confederation.

However, on the Outskirts of the Tau Ceti System his ship stalled, leaving him stranded however soon a Modified Tarsus Class Cargo Ship passed by. Picking up his signal they tractored him to their cargo bay, not knowing what they had gotten themselves into.

With a soft, swoop the ship returns to its Destination and a new Adventure Begins! In this new Fan Fiction Adaption of Wing Commander by a fan for the fans, Wing Commander V: Eternal Vigilance promises to excite and bring a fresh new outlook to the Wing Commander Universe…

Chapter 0: 5 Years Before…

“We must stand to protect our rights, we must unite to beat the Border…” Admiral Tolwyn barely had gotten that out of his mouth.

“Worlds?” Blair asked, walking right into the center of the Great Assembly. “Why don’t you tell them the truth, tell them about Black Lance. Admiral!”

“Seize that man! He is a traitor to the Confederation, and a wanted criminal.” Tolwyn yelled, as two Con-Fed guards take Blair by the arms.

“Blair…” Paladin shook his head. “You shouldn’t have come here, old friend.”

“I had to, Paladin.” Blair’s stare then turned cold. “To root out the evil in The Confederation, the border worlds aren’t the bad guy’s in any of this. They have been set up, by Tolwyn.”

“That’s a big claim Blair.” Tolwyn looked at the crowd. “We all know the Border Worlds started this war, and the Confederation tried every diplomatic solution. The Border Worlds Army are blood thirsty, they seek vengeance and we will not give in to them or Traitors!”

The crowd then erupts in a thunderous applause for Tolwyn.

“ORDER!” Paladin shouted striking the gavel down on his stand. “I want order.”

“Don’t discourage them Senator, they support what Confederation stands for and this is a Free Assembly. I say, let them speak their minds.” Tolwyn said. “Colonel Blair, now that we have you in custody we will have you’re hearing. How do you plea?”

“If fighting for my Freedom is a bad thing to do, then im as guilty as the Kilrathi back in the war.” Blair looked at each person in the Audience. “If you want to be fooled by this man then don’t believe me, but if you want to know the truth allow me to show what evidence I have.”

“I say, let the man speak.” A man said.

“No, exile him from Confederation and never let him comeback. He may be the hero of Kilrah, but he is a Traitor now.” Another man said.

“Then it’s decided.” Tolwyn said. “After an instant unanimous vote by the Senate…”

Blair looks at Paladin. “I thought you was my friend you coward, you are not the man I once knew. I hope you’re happy.” He said coldly.

Paladin looks at Blair then at Tolwyn, not saying a single word.

“Colonel Christopher Blair, you are now officially stripped of you’re Confederation Command Stripes. You are also ordered out of Confederation Space, if our fighters so much as catch a hint of you’re presence in the Vega Sector, they will have orders to kill you.” Tolwyn looked at the Crowd then back at Blair. “Guards, escort him to the Landing Bay and make sure he leaves this Space.”

The Guards salute their orders then drag Blair off to the Landing Bay.

“What you are doing is wrong, Tolwyn.” Paladin very lowly said.

“He killed many of our soldiers in the Fight last week around Vega, he has destroyed many of our patrols on the Fringe of Con-fed space.” Tolwyn smiled. “Its time for a little payback, my patrols are ordered to blow him out of the sky… The heart of the tiger will meet his destiny and it’s not very pretty.”

Paladin gets up and walks out of the Assembly Room, not sure where he was headed.

Vega Sector – 10 Clicks from the Vega Jump…

“Alright, almost home…Tell Eisen I’ll be back shortly.” Blair said to an old friend, over the Com Link.

“Got that Colonel, but you better watch out. Tolwyn isn’t exactly you’re biggest fan.” Maniac sighed. “Not that I would mind you getting blown up, you know it would be much quieter out here.”

“Alright Marshall, you be careful to.” Blair shook his head. “Blair out.”

“Colonel, it is time for you to die!” A fighter pilot said.

“What?” Was all Blair could say.

Two Experimental Blackjack Class Fighters decloak and open fire on Blair knocking out his shields, and then disabling his engines completely. “Any last words, Blair?”

“Ya, tell me who you work for. My ships about to blow and im about to die, let me die knowing the truth.” Blair said.

“Alright, Black Lance is headed up by Admiral Tolwyn and you’re buddy Paladin is his Second in Command. Happy?” The pilot asked.

“Ya.” Blair hits the eject button, he then rockets out of the Fighter his Ejected Escape Pod then Cloaks. “Thanks, Paladin.”
“Where did he go?” The pilot asked. “Oh no…”

The Blackjack Fighter then turns and heads back to Earth as Blair looks out the Window of the Pod. “I hope they get here fast, or Con-Fed might get here first.”

The TCS Liberty – 6:30 AM October 1st, 2678 5 Years later…

“Welcome aboard the Liberty Lieutenant, I hope you enjoy you’re first posting.” The Wing Commander said.

“I intend to, who knows… I might have you’re job one day Commander.” The New Lieutenant teased. “I think I’ll go look around, I like to get a feel for the ships im on.”

“Understood, report to debriefing when you’re ready for Patrol Duty.” The Wing Commander then saluted, and walked back toward the Bridge.

“Alright…” The Lieutenant said, heading toward the Rec Room.

To Be Continued…Chapter 1: Meeting A Legend.

Lance Casey


:D DUDE!!!!!!!! this is one hell of a good background story i cant wait untill u get a working copy of the game running

good luck and hope to see the first chapter of it soon :D
woah! that's AMAZING!!!

Great story lines too man keep up the great work, heh Tolwin still lives in your part kinda like that, though I believe that Taggart aka Paladin will look up his ole buddy Blair in your story, they they togeather with Eisen take on Tolwin's space force.

Dunno if the remaining Black Lance pilots will join Blair, would be a nice force for his appeal.

May The Force Be With Your Quest Pilot ;)

heh Blair reminds me of one of my students, Luke Skywalker now a Jedi Master himself :D


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Really cool... :D :D... a little short, but it makes you want more... when can we expect the next release??


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Special Preview...

By this thursday at the very latest, the story will be officially started with the next Chapter, in the fact that the story will start from the year 2678 and continue on from there. Below is a special Preview, just to keep the anticipation from dropping from now to Thursday.

Get ready! The next war in The Confederations Intersteller History is about to begin, this time it isn't the Kilrathi it isn't The Nephilim. The Confed is about to enter a war from within, a civil war that threatens all of mankind with a scary revealation of Terror.

The very core of Confederation is becomeing Corrupted and only one person can stop it, however he doesn't know that fact yet! His Prophecy and Vision will come to full force when he is assigned aboard the T.C.S Liberty, Confed will have to fight hard to stop the Corruption... And if they can't, a new group of Elite Fighters will!

Eternal Vigilance will change the lives of many Confed and Border Worlds Fighters forever! When this story gets started, it will be the end of an era and the start of a Brand new one! However, which era will that be? Confed or Border Worlds?

Edit: I forgot to include a link to Eternal Vigilances new website, some of the links aren't up and running fully though but most of them are. As the story goes on longer and longer, the site will get better and better!


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Chapter 1: - Meeting A Legend...

Wing Commander V: Eternal Vigilance

Category: Sci-Fi

Website: Click here to visit Eternal Vigilances official website!

Current Sector: The T.C.S Liberty is currently patrolling a nav point a few clicks, outside a major Jump Point leading to BWM Space.

(Well, here it is! The first chapter in what promises to be a very exciteing and freash new look on Wing Commander. I hope you guys enjoy reading this ongoing story, as much as I enjoy writeing it)

T.C.S Liberty - Pilots Lounge…

“Man I want some action!” Brandon shook his head. “This tin can hasn’t seen much action in awhile, I guess things are too quiet for my tastes.”

“I kind of like it.” A second lieutenant smirked. “After fighting the BWM, peace seems so deserved.”

“Ya, well me id take a nice combat mission any day.” Brandon sighed a bit; he was fitting in with the crew of the Liberty. However, he was already starting to get worried about what the next mission might be. “Has anyone heard anything from the captain yet?”

“Nope.” The lieutenant sighed. “I hear we are out here chasing a Border Worlds Convoy, I heard somebody say it was carrying a new type of Missile. Some kind of Nuclear Missile…”

“Nuclear?” Brandon asked. “I kind of doubt that, I don’t know I just get the feeling Confed is starting to get desperate. They have already lost major support on Earth. Ever since Colonel Blair went Rogue, that’s made a lot of people start to wake up to the truth.”

“True.” The lieutenant snickered. “I guess the BWM was telling the truth all along, though the reason I stay with Confed is cause sooner or later the senator will find out the truth. Man when he does I wouldn’t want to be in Tolwyns shoes that’s for sure.”

T.C.S Liberty Briefing room…

“So, what do we do?” Captain Jensen sighed. “I mean its now very clear Confed is just using this ship in its Corruption, I can’t let that stand.”

“Then do something.“ Blair shook his head. “I snuck on this ship to give you that info, the BWM could use a ship like the Liberty. We need all the help we can get, I have the support of the Senator on this matter.”

“Taggart?” Captain Jensen nods. “Well then, this ship is now at the BWM’s disposal.”

“Good.” Blair looks at the ICIS display used for Briefings. “We have to make it back to Border Worlds Space, there we will rendezvous with the Senator. Admiral Tolwyn has already begun blocking him out of Confed Control Channels, so he is defecting to the Border Worlds Militia.”

“The Senator?” The captain asked. “But I thought he had more power then Tolwyn.”

“He did, before all this Corruption started… Now Tolwyn is in control of almost every aspect of Confed.” Blair sighed. “I wish I had just shot Tolwyn when I had the chance, none of this would be happening.”

“Is that a way for the Heart of the Tiger to talk?” Jensen asked. “Colonel, with all due respect…Shooting Tolwyn would not have been the right course of action.”

“Maybe not…” Blair points to Vero IV, on the outer reach of the system. “On our way to the Jump Point we must extract two people from this planet, they are currently being held in a Detention Center within the 3rd central city of the planet.”

“And might I ask the names of these people?” The captain asked.

“Robin and C.J Blair.” Blair then paused for a moment. “My wife and 2 year old son, they were caught last year by a Confed spy… I owe my life to get them off that damn rock.”

“Understood…” The Captain salutes Blair. “I will assemble the squadrons in the briefing room very shortly, then the Confederation will know the Liberty won’t be pushed around…”

The Captain then proceeds to walk out of the briefing room heading for the bridge, Blair sighs keeping his stare locked on the new ICIS Display of Vero IV knowing exactly what was at stake.

Confed Command HQ – Earth Space…

“Admiral…” A Black Lance Pilot salutes as he enters the room. “You wanted to see me.”

“Ah yes, lieutenant. I heard you had a message for me.” Tolwyn looked at the Pilot. “What is it?”

“The TCS Hope is reporting that they have engaged the BWS Indigo in battle near the Vega Jump Point, Admiral they say somehow that Carrier made it past our patrols on the other side… Black Lance didn’t even see this coming.” The lieutenant sighs.

“Where is the Indigo at now?” Tolwyn asked.

“The Hope is attempting to hold it back and if possible, destroy it.” The lieutenant looks over at a Holo Display. “They are requesting assistance sir…”

“Send the Lexington to Hopes position, I want a contingent of Black Lance Fighters there to. But make sure they are marked as Confederation Fighters.” Tolwyn sighs. “This is to soon, we can’t let that ship make it to Earth, Dismissed.”

“Aye sir.” The lieutenant salutes and walks out of Tolwyns Office.

“Well Blair, looks like your lucks about to run out!” Tolwyn turns his attention back to the document he was reading. “Run out indeed.”

T.C.S Liberty Briefing Room – 6 Hours before the start of a new War…

“Alright, everyone be seated… We are currently in an Emergency Situation.” The Captain turns toward a Holo display, seeing as how the Primary ICIS System was not up and running fully yet.

Brandon looks over at the Wing Commander Lieutenant Kristina Brinson. “Do you know what this mission is about?” He asked. “I heard a rumor…”

“Don’t believe rumors.” Kristina sighed. “They always turn out to be a lie.”

The Captain looks at all the pilots. “We have a visitor on board the ship, I want each and everyone of you to treat him with respect! He will be briefing you on your mission here today, Colonel please come in.”

Blair walks into the Briefing Room and steps up to the podium looking at the pilots.

“Blair!” One pilot said.

“The Heart of the Tiger…” Brandon kept his gaze locked on Blair.

“Oh my god…” Kristina put her hand over her mouth in amazement.

“Good evening pilots, some of you may know me and some may not.” Blair sighs. “Today as of 0:800 Hours the Liberty has been redesignated the BWS Liberty, and is severing all ties it has with the Terran Confederation.”

“WHAT!” A cadet blurted out.

“The Confederation is becoming an evil that must be overcome, there aren’t many good people left in the Confederation and so it is time to stop fighting to save it, and start fighting to save the universe from it.” Blair looks at the Cadet that said what. “It is time we stand up and be counted, and let the powers that be at Confed know their reign of terror is coming to an abrupt end!”

Captain Jensen steps forward. “Crew, I know we are asking you to take in a lot in such a short period of time. Lord knows I’ve known about this for a little over a month, and it still doesn’t make any sense to me.” She takes a deep breath. “We have to be strong, we are the only ones who can stop Confed from destroying everything we fight to uphold.”

“That is why I want you pilots to give this mission everything you can, I want you all to make it back alive so that we can stop Confed from making the entire universe corrupt.” Blair looks at the cadets. “Take a look at your ICIS for Mission Details.”

“Your mission is to proceed to Nav 2 and make sure no Confed/Black Lance fighters make it to the Jump Point, once at Nav 3 you will rendezvous with the BWS Liberty and will be rush landed for an Immediate Jump to Vega. Once in Vega you will relaunch and provide Fighter Support to the BWS Indigo that is under attack by the TCS Hope, sensors indicate the Lexington will arrive in that Sector in 4 Hours. All operations must be complete in that space of time.” The briefing then concluded.

“Good luck and god speed.” The Captain said.

“Im going with them, im gonna get my family off Vero IV.” Blair said.

“You have to be back before we jump to Vega, if you aren’t the Liberty will have to jump without you.” Jensen said.

“I know what im doing.” Blair walked out of the room leaving the Captain with only her thoughts.

Vero IV the Confederations top-secret slave labor camp - 1 hour after the Fighter Squadron Launches from the BWS Liberty…

“Please, just let me check on my son.” Robin said softly. “Then I’ll get back to work, I promise!”

“If you don’t work…” A Black Lance Marine said. “You won’t see your son again.”

“I never thought Confed could stoop so low, but you Lance Marines take the cake.” Blair sighed. “Id drop the gun if I were you.”

“Do what he says.” Maniac said aiming a gun right at the Marines head. “I don’t follow orders very well, so I might shoot you whether he tells me to or not.”

“Ease up Marshall, you fire that thing and the alarms will go off all over this Base.” Blair said. “Besides I don’t think this young marine wants to be shot.”

The marine lets go of Robin and she runs over to Blair hugging him tightly. “I knew you would save me, you don’t know what its been like here in this place.”

“Don’t worry, all that’s left now is to find C.J and getting off this Rock.” Blair said. “Where is he?”

“In our bunk not far from here, they make him stay there while I work here in the mines.” Robin said softly. “I hate being stuck here, but at least they never tried to hurt C.J.”

“Well, you won’t be stuck here much longer, Marshall!” Blair said looking toward Maniac.

“Do you have to scream? Im standing right here.” Maniac said.

“Same old Maniac, huh?” Robin asked.

“Ya, god help us all.” Blair said lowly, before looking at Maniac. “Take Robin down to get C.J, while I go warm up the engines on the Shuttle. I also need to install the Cloaking Device so we can get off this Stinking Rock.”

“Whatever you say, farmer Blair.” Maniac said walking off with Robin to get C.J.

“One of these days Marshall, one of these days.” Blair shook his head and walked back toward the Shuttle.

To Be Continued! Chapter 2: Civil War Erupts – Full Force…


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A Little Surprise...

Sorry about the long wait on the next Chapter of Eternal Vigilance, but I cought a little bit of the Flu a week or two ago then my computer decided to delete what I had gotten done, of EV..I promise to have it up atleast by Tuesday or Thursday at the very latest. However, im not posting without a little surprise for the Eternal Vigilance fans out there. I made a little Trailer for the Story by useing clips from The Price Of Freedom which I think turned out pretty cool, It outlines pretty much what the next chapter is going to be about...Well enjoy!

Right Click Here And Save As - Wing Commander: Eternal Vigilance Chapter 2 Trailer

You will need the DivX 3 Codec to view this video, if you have trouble with the video or do not have this Codec I strongly recommend useing the VLC Media Player. A link to the VLC Website is below.

VLC Media Player - Link To Its Official Website

Any feedback on the video is welcome, I just figured it would explain where I want the story to go and keep everyone hooked untill I get the next chapter written...I think it turned out rather well considering this is my very first Wing Commander Video.


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Chapter 2: The Unseen Threat...

Wing Commander V: Eternal Vigilance

Category: Sci-Fi

Liberties Current Position: Gemini Sector -Close To Earth Space- On The Far Edge Of The Vega System

Chapter 2: The Unseen Threat - An Ally In An Unlikely Place...

BWS Liberty - Brig

Col. Blair walks up to the two metal doors signaling the guard to open them, he then steps through and he looks at the P.O.W that was standing before him.

“How could you?” Blair asked.

“Betray Confed?” The man asked. “Colonel you of all people should know, we all make our own way in life. I live my way and you live yours.”

“THAT DOESN’T JUSTIFY WHAT YOU’VE DONE!” Blair yelled. “What price for freedom, Admiral?”

“You have no idea how deep this goes, do you?” Tolwyn asked. “Everything you thought you knew is about to change Colonel.”

“How so?” Blair asked still a tad bit angry.

“What if I told you Black Lance has control of everything?” Tolwyn asked. “I had nothing to do with any of this, I was just a pawn in the whole thing!”

“Admiral, I saw you give that speech to Seether and his minions. I know that to be a bald faced lie.” Blair got right in Tolwyns face. “How do you explain that?”

“As we speak colonel lives are being lost to Black Lance, the millions of people in this area are going to die in a matter of seconds.” Tolwyn almost looked pleading. “I can give you the codes to stop the Bio-Cannon, but it won't help much.”

“Bio-Cannon?” Blair asked. “Admiral, how do I know I can trust you?”

“Taggart isn’t the only one who found Corruption in Confed to be to much, Colonel I too am tired of watching it die a slow death.” Tolwyn said slowly and carefully. “I was forced into joining the Black Lance, contrary to what you think I am not the one straight out leading Black Lance.”

“Than who is Admiral?” Blair asked straight out.

“Captain Hugh Paulsen of the Confederations Third Fleet.” Tolwyn sighed. “He is the one fronting all the money for Black Lance, and he is its number one Chief in Command.”

“I thought…” Tolwyn cut off Blair.

“That Paulsen was dead.” The Admiral finished. “That was a front to shift the focus to me, you see he had his dog Seether try to intimidate me into leading Black Lance and im ashamed to say it worked…But now I see where I made a mistake and I want to correct it, I want to formally join The Border Worlds Militia.”

“Admiral.” Blair said seemingly losing the anger he had built up. “I didn’t realize that, im sorry…”

“Oh it is much worse then that Colonel.” Tolwyn sighs. “Remember, when you ran the temblor bomb to Kilrahs very core how even you found it to be too easy…Only a few ships stood between you and the target, that is because secretly the Confederation had made a backdoor deal with the Kilrathi.”

“You mean to tell me, after all this time we never really beat the Kilrathi. We just made a deal with them!” Blair asked.

“A deal with the devil you might say, I only first learned of this right after you left the assembly 5 years ago…My intuition led me to start my own Investigation, and what I found was enough to tell me I was on the wrong side Colonel. Im sorry for having to keep all this in the dark, but Paulsen would surely have killed me had he found out.”

Tolwyn then takes a seat on the single bed in the Brig. “I have a Disc with me containing everything, the plans for The new Biological Super Weapon, the one that will make the Behemoth look like a child’s toy.”

“Where is it going to be used, Admiral?” Blair asked.

“Most likely, Earth.” Tolwyn shook his head disapprovingly. “The corrupt faction in Confed sold the plans to that weapon to a Renegade Faction of the Kilrathi Government, I tried to stop the transaction but I was locked out of all command channels too soon.”

“Confed has gone too far, why would they sell a weapon to an enemy they knew would use it against humanity?” Blair asked. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Remember the mandarins Colonel, We thought we had gotten that radical group of turncoats in check…but evidently, it was just the corrupt part of Confed covering their tracks.” Tolwyn shakes his head. “All they care about is money and not the well being of Mankind, if I had known about this 5 years ago I would have sided with you but things around Confed are so secret they usually stay secret.”

"We've got to stop it, we can't let them get away with terrorism on a magnitude of this scale." Blair sighed. "The human race would be doomed."

"Im afraid the sell took place 2 days ago, hence the reason why Confed has pushed so hard to get this Civil War started." Admiral Tolwyn stands up. "That’s why we have no choice but to round up the BWM Fleet, we have to pull back and let the Kilrathi take Earth."

"Let them kill off the human race?" Blair asked. "That will not work, we must fight or die trying...If they destroy earth we won't stand much of a chance."

"Or die trying, that is a saying I have really never taken to heart." Admiral Tolwyn looks straight at Blair. "Colonel we do have a war to win however we can't stop the destruction of Earth, we must let the Kilrathi feel as though they have won...Colonel In the time we have known each other we have almost always been at each others throats, but on this matter you must trust me."

"Alright, but what if this plan of yours doesn't work?" Blair asked. "What if all those people die for no reason?"

"This whole thing is my fault Colonel, if I had found out about all this sooner I could have stopped it but I didn't." Tolwyn holds his hand out for Blair to shake. "We must stop the Corruption in Confed at all cost, even if it means sacrificing the Earth...Colonel The Border Worlds will have to host the refugees from Earth, if we do this right we can win this war and expose Confed at the same time."

Blair shakes the Admirals hand albeit reluctantly. "I hope your right Admiral, for all our sakes."

T.C.S Vesuvius - Bridge

Captain Paulsen smiles. "Seether, what is your report on the current situation?" He asked. "I know you were able to sneak aboard the Liberty, what’s going on out there."

"Captain, it appears the Kilrathi are planning to use the Lucifer Bio-Cannon on the Earth...Exactly how you envisioned it." Seether reported. "If I may be so bold to ask, why is Black Lance being used on this mission it should be a Cakewalk."

"Cause' Seether, when the Lucifer is fired at Earth it will create a Chain Reaction around its core. Destabilizing it to a point where the Earths atmosphere will turn into a Toxic Fume, killing almost anything on the surface below." Paulsen sighed. "Once that is done, Black Lance will head to the surface evacuating any civilians lucky enough to still be alive."

"Which will in turn switch the favor over to us and not the BWM." Seether smiled evilly. "Also, if things go as planned it will make them look guilty."

"Right." Paulsen looked at Earth on another Holodisplay. "It will take years for Humanity to recover from this terrible event, but it is needed in order to perfect our methods of killing...This is needed because we have to be ready for the next race."

"The Kilrathi understand their part in all this, don't they?" Seether asked.

"Of course." Paulsen turned his attention back to the Commlink with Seether. "If they step out of line they know what will happen, their planets will suffer a tragedy like that of Earths at the hands of the Lucifer MK2...They know to stick to the plan."

"Alright, it is still 2 hours before the Kilrathi arrive." Seether looked at the instruments in the cockpit of his Dragon Class fighter. "Do I have permission to land?"

"Permission granted Major." The Comms Officer of the Vesuvius said. "You are clear to land."

Pascal System - Kilrathi Freighter Disguised as a BWM Durango Class Destroyer (Carrying The Lucifer Bio-Cannon Firing Array)

"Is the weapon ready?" The Kilrathi Captain Asked.

"Yes, once all checks are complete we will jump into the Vega System." The Helmsmen shakes his head. "I hate playing this game of Cat and Mouse with the Humans."

"We are getting paid good money to do this, when this mission is over we will be on our way." The Captain sighs. "Set the Coordinates, we have a contract to keep."

With that, the ship begins to move toward the jump hole ready for anything, this was an event that all of mankind would remember...

Vega System Earth Orbit - The Destruction of Earth...

After heating up for less then 20 minutes the Lucifer Bio-Cannon fires a blinding red ray from its Firing Array, the ray strikes the Earth as a Energy Ribbon forms around the core super heating it to a point near Global Meltdown.

The Huge Ribbon then rips through the Atmosphere turning it a bright Dark color, any ship caught between the Earths Atmosphere and the Ribbon explodes leaving only Debris.

The Atmosphere then enters stage two of the destruction as Toxic Fumes begin to Radiate back down to the earth from the Ribbon which then began to dissipate, the earth was now in dire need of assistance and only the Corrupt Confederational Government was there to answer the call.

Today marks the start of a new fight, a fight for survival!