Wing Commander documentary vids.


Hi! I'm currently working on a little project The Gaming Standard: Wing Commander and I'm actually having a problem with part 5. Do you guys think I should add a play through type thing? I know a lot of you here enjoyed the first four parts so your input is definitely appreciated.

I kind of feel like this is my homebase as far as the stuff I post is since people here really enjoyed the Wing Commander series so I thought I would just ask for some opinoins.

In the meantime I've worked on another little retro-thing that might appeal to you guys here too.

The Gaming Standard: Top Ten Neglected NES Games

It's still a documentary style series with lots of gaming history. In the intro the mic volume is a bit low but it's fixed in the list.
What do you mean by "play through type thing"? I might not hurt to have an abrieviated run through of what a typical mission and gameplay would involve in a WC game but the danger is that if it's too drawn out, you risk boring your audience.
I've been watching

I like it so far. I would suggest the mission in which your wingman always dies.

I think it's s8 m1, but it's been a few years, yano.

We uncovered it in moving to the Japanese platform. I suggested leaving the wingman die, but changing the speech at the funeral to the cause of death being that the wingman was overwritten by a large graphics array. My suggestion was not accepted, BTW.

Lucas actually DID hack it (they sent us a box with 'X-Wing Commander' in it--same game, but with Tie-fighters and X-wings instead of Kilrathi and Earth forces).

It was just a little gesture to let us know they'd figured out how our graphics packets worked.

It was a trade secret that we weren't to speak of under penalty of death.

Luckily, nobody in Austin would likely have understood what we said if we'd spoken of it, anyway. They all just wanted tickets to Richard's haunted house.