Wing Commander CIC Birthday Party

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Okay, first off, I apoligize for posting in the Dragon Con thread, but I feel this is the most appropriate as it is where we could possibly meet up next. Second, I'd like to apoligize for this nick: I'm Teonnyn, however, my old forum account was linked with my old Georgia email and can no longer be accessed unless that's changed.

I'd also like to apoligize for anything that happened during the Birthday Party.
My first statement was just a joke, I did not mean to Troll it. I'm a Wing Commander fan as well, and I feel as though I was just stating my opinions. I'd also like to point out that I did stop when other people started saying they thought it was good.

As for my comments on Privateer 2, I really did think it was linked with the original Wing Commander Privateer series beyond the number for a second. I did not take the time to look it up before I posted that. I hope this apoligy will be accepted, nothing I said during the Party was really ment to be taken the way it was.
Back on topic: The party was awesome! Almost as great as the graduation party thing at my previous school! I'll sure be hanging out at #wingnut alot more after this!;)
This isn't a thread about the Birthday Party. Please make your own in the proper forum if you'd like.
Not open for further replies.