Wing Commander: Call to Glory


Good news and then some more news...

I've been working on learning the basics of Javascript - more or less to say that it's a potent language for various applications. Especially the Sphere engine. I'm not a programmer by nature but nonetheless scripting requires it .

Good news is I'm getting a brand new rig, so over the next week or so I'll be transitioning to the new system and will allow me to work more effeciently than battle with the slowly dying WinXP kernel.

As for a design document, it'll take some more time. WinXP keeps on crashing Open Office so I'm going to get to work on reformatting my current computer for a fresh install. Currently plans call for a Prologue - details I'm still going over for game mechanics and plotwise in the works.

With the migration to Sphere, lots of ideas are possible and I'll soon post current plans for the CIC crowd to tear apart.