Wing Commander - CAG


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Where to start....I guess with WOW! This rocks. It's everything I hoped it would be.

SWAC's craft are handled nicly, though I have to say I've gotten so attatched them I find it hard to play a mission without them! launching a missile volley of MIRV's from outside of the range of the enemy Radar is beautiful. Speaking of MIRV's...I had two volleys frizzle on me in a row. Wonder if that was my game or something else.

I've noticed after the initial missile volley though, my fighters seem to die easy. =/

Anyway, aside from needing a user guide badly, what did you guys think of the game?

It took me a few minutes to pick up but now that I got it down I'm rocking hard.


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Okay Casper, I love the game. I really do. I'm going to keep playing all day just like I did all night. It's just that cool. But I've noticed a few things that could be improved upon, maybe you've already got plans to do just that, I ain't sure but I wanted to get 'em listed out here for ya so you could look it over. These are just my observations after spending a few hours with the game.

1) Speed Control
-3 Settings, Slow Medium Fast would be nice. Fast perhaps being afterburner, and that using up a fuel rating.
2) Waypoints - almost necessary
3) Shortcut Keys
4) Clickable map rather then map button
5) Nameable units (I think this has been mentioned before) as well as
6) Nameable Wings and Group Numbers for easy recall
7) Ship icons? Frankly the early screen shots looked a little bit cooler then the Confederation icon
8) Radar Ranges displayed on Detail map
9) Improved AI
10) Missle count displayed in Unit Screen - maybe it's there, and I just didn't see it...
11) I've noticed that when loading a new mission the new mission doesn't work properly unless I close out CAG and open it up again loading the new mission. I've never been able to play two mission in game. The game never starts. Even when I set it to start game. I've tried turning it back to stop game, and back on again (Several times) to no avail.
12) Bigger Maps - Smaller Planets
13) Asteroid Fields!
14) Better Fighter AI and Enemy AI...while playing "Twilight Sweep" I once witnessed a Kilrathi fighter ramming my SWACs craft repeatedly while it was attempting to get past the SWAC's to engage my fighter...the first unit it spotted.
15) Ramming - Friendly ships should be able to pass "over" each other, enemy ships should be able to pass over other enemy ships, but they should ram and do damage to each other. This is paticularly obvious on the Enslaught mission where the fighters you launch ram each other when the game gets started and fly off every which way.
16) Planet Ramming - I think my ships took damage when ramming a planet. This seemed a little odd to me.
17) Better AI: Flight plans. All the fighters do is fly in a straight line to wherever you send them. It would be nice to seem them able to make their way through things like asteroid fields and around things like planets without your help.
18) Radar Control - Similar to cloaking...give SWACs and other ships the ability to turn off their radars and thus be less detectable, but for all ships (Especially SWACs). Also allow an SWACs craft to simulate a group of fighters or a capital ship (while less useful in singleplayer this could lead to some damned fine stuff in multiplayer)
19) Map - the ability to see the map prior to launching the mission to better plan your strategy, and possibly a summary of forces.
20) Formations - the Trail/Pursue command is excellant for pairing fighters with Carriers or say, an SWACs craft but could really use some work alot of the time the AI Fighters ram each other when they're trailing which looks funny, all these little bouncing dots and when having four or more fighters trailing it gets rapidly confusing. Giving them some sort of basic heirarchy would help that process out alot. Also when grouping them, the ability to put them into quick formations would be nice too.


Some quick comments:

- AI launches decoys instantly & repeatedly - since most missiles have spoofs like 35% or 50%, decoys are extremely effective
- Toggle "showRadarCircles" in the View->Modify Detail Map box to show radar ranges in Detail View
- One mission limit per program instance for now
- Collision avoidance doesn't work perfectly yet
- Planets do cause collision damage - stay clear of them...that's the point