Wing Commander Arena Dogfight Night

What nights are you available for some Arena?

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My Xbox broke!

... well, the controller broke. The right-stick became the right-unstuck, so that rules out Arena for a while. Never fear, though - I play to replace it with a stylish pink one very soon.
Looks like Sunday is the winner. Should I open a poll for people to vote on times? Right now I'm thinking 9:00 PM EST.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday are pretty close. I still think with Saturday, no matter what time you pick, you can catch people from all time zones on their weekend pretty much. But I would just pick anything, and see how that goes. Make sure people are notified and try to get them to commit.
So are we ever going to set something firm for this or just keep debating? :D

I've got my ybox back and am ready to go!
Wow, did your XBox spend all this time being repaired? You should at least pull some Gokus out of #Wingnut and get your first kills in.