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Indeed. I don't recall the exact dialog, but Tolwyn basically tells you that he's disappointed, that he expected better, and maybe the time on the farm had deteriorated your skills beyond hope. Then, yes, he refuses to shake your hand.

Something along those lines.

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Here's the script for the farm ending -- note that the last part, actually showing Blair on the farm was not filmed... when they decided early-on to cut the Rachel/Flint goodbye, the farm set was left unproduced.

Losing Endgame 1:

midgame: tolwyn's office -los1
a grim-faced blair is ushered in...
tolwyn gazes out the window at the super-carriers under construction....

at last he turns to look at blair...

Your performance is not what we counted on, Colonel.

Yes, sir.

Perhaps the time away from the cockpit took its toll, or perhaps there are other factors...?

he raises an eyebrow...

None that I'm aware of, sir.

You understand that I have no choice here. A fighter craft is a valuable piece of equipment. It must be under the command of someone who can fit into it like a glove. The glove hasn't been fitting, Colonel.

Perhaps some time in the flightsim, sir.

It's a little late for that. I'm afraid I must take a much more drastic step. I'm stripping you of your commission. Your days in the Space Force are over.

blair remains stoic.

You're no paper-pusher, so I won't insult you with an offer of a desk job. It wouldn't do to see the great hero of the Kilrathi war sunk to such depths... Best to make a clean break and sever all ties. Good luck, Colonel.

blair extends his hand to shake, but tolwyn has already turned his back.

stung, blair leaves...

midgame: blair's farm -Los1
blair pounds away with a wrench at the stubborn terraforming machine.

He hits a switch, pulls some levers. the machine coughs back to life... but only for a moment, then dies.

Blair looks up at the pitiless sun, directly overhead, and wipes the sweat from his brow. now he's earthbound for good...

credits roll... the end.

For those obsessed with losing endgames, the DVD divides them thusly:

#1: Tolwyn sends Blair back to Nephele
#2: Concordia class captures Blair's Banshee.
#3: Concordia class captures Blair's ejection pod.
#4: Concordia class captures Blair's Hellcat.
#5: Paulsen arrests Blair.
#6: Blair is locked up.
#7: Tolwyn convinces the senate to declare war.
#8: Blair is executed.
#9: Tolwyn's fleet attacks the Border Worlds.


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I have to ask though... when they made WCIV, did they have Rachel or Flint in mind as Blair's significant other? (I say that because I don't know if Blair and whichever woman he chose would have gone beyond the boyfriend/girlfriend stage)

Is it in the novels or something? Blair seems single in that one, so it left me wondering...

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Blair and Rachel were together after the war -- it was implied that they were married (by the original WCP website).

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In the manual for WC4, the first chapter or two of the wc4 novel is in there. Blair is jacking around with something on his farm, manages to go inside, and in trying to pick up the 'phone', replays the breakup message rachel had left for him.


In Waypoint, Paladin's message to Blair says something about him being glad to see Blair and Rachel back together on the same ship after some 'unpleasentness'.

I guess it doesn't specify if that means them breaking up, or Blair choosing Flint. Still, if it was the Flint thing, 20 years is a long time to hold a grudge.


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Originally posted by Dragon
That is the DVD version ?, in the PC CD we just see Blair in the bar back in Nephile.
Depends on when in the game you lose out, and the circumstnaces surrounding it. Eject the first couple of missions, and you'll get the scene LOAF presented.

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Rachel's relationship with Blair is detailed in the WCIV novel -- and then various WCP related sources.


I'll just mention that the official story is that Blair did not choose Flint. He and Racheal got together as detailed in the WC3 novel. The conclusion of this relationship is mentioned in the WC4 novel as LOAF said.