Wing Commander 3 Replay Week 6


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Sorry about the delay folks was away for the weekend and spaced starting the thread beforehand.

This week is Freya and Hyperion. The end of the war is right around the corner! Six missions total this week. Next week will be the final week of WC3 where we'll cover the Kilrah end game series as well as the losing paths if people so desire.

Fight the good fight, Heart of the Tigers!


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I just got done with the missions, so I'll be encoding and capturing on Monday. The toughest one was Freya 4, so be very careful since you and your wingmen can have a deadly encounter. I had to get behind the Cruiser at very close range to avoid its guns. Any other assault is an attempt in suicide. You'd think the cats would have a ton of rear turrets to prevent this sort of thing on their cap ships.


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Ok! Videos are up, and so is my system. I'll be scanning again soon for the other hard drives just in case. It looks like the operating system drive took some damage, but I'm crossing my fingers in hoping that SpinRite will let it last until the end of 2009. By that time, the next Windows operating system(s) should be out.

Check out the action, including how to get Flint to fly with you after you pick Rachel.

P.S. - My Thunderbolt got hammered pretty bad on Freya 4, but I live to fight another day. Send your wingman home before the cruiser on this mission so that they can too.


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Frog Blast the Vent Core!
I always loved that shot of the fleet gathering before the T-bomb raid. The first time I saw it I thought I was getting ready for the fleet engagement of a lifetime.


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My wingmen need a "Attack from the weak spot" command, that's the second time someone's had to eject because of a Fralthi.

Freya 1:

Rollins is waiting for me in the lift. Apparently, he can't get over his amusement at Vagabond decking Dr Severin. I'm not sure I appreciate his attitude towards one of my pilots being grounded and I let him know that I'm going to have a chat with the captain to get him back on the flight roster. He seems a little taken aback, but then agrees with what I'm saying. Meanwhile, Maniac's waiting in the Observation Deck with a snide remark about Cobra having to die to prove that Hobbes was the traitor. I don't need this right now and shake his hand off. My comeback about shooting him with my turret was much lamer than it sounded in my head, unfortuntely, and I think Maniac won this round.

We continue our campaign to take out Kilrah in the Freya system. There's a back door jump point to Kilrah in the system and we want it. The Kilrathi no doubt have other ideas but the Victory is here to change their minds. For a clean sweep operation like this I decide to take up the new Excaliburs with Flash on my wing. The Excaliburs turn out great, but picking Flash turns out to be a mistake. At our first encounter with a new Kilrathi Heavy Destroyer he ignores the second wave of Darkets it launches in favour of engaging the cap ship directly. I'm force to scrape the Darkets off his behind and distract the Destroyer as he finishes it off. Those AMGs studding it's surface pack quite a punch and I lose a fair bit of side armour. He repeats the same behaviour at the next Nav points, ignoring all orders and engaging the Corvettes directly. Fortunately, they have a lot less punch. We encounter a fully fledged carrier at our third Nav Point and once again Flash goes racing off. The carrier's not too heavily armed so he doesn't take much direct damage but scraping all those waves off his arse is a giant chore. I then assist him in taking out the carrier, using my remaining missiles to distract it's fire. We're both firing on it when it goes up, but Flash has the gall to claim the kill. That's the last time he goes onto my wing.

Freya 2:

I encoutner Flint in the Barracks do a clean out of her locker. She tells me that it helps her sort out her thoughts and I reply that I've been doing some of that lately as well. She decides to just get things out in the open and discuss the attraction between us. I'm still not quite sure I'm ready so soon after losing Angel but I have to admit there's some chemistry there and she feels it, too. I'm forced to put it to the back of my mind as I confront Eisen on the bridge about Vagabond's status. I decide to take the hard line with Captain Eisen. We've all seen some terrible things in this war and a veteran like he knows what they can do to a man. He agrees to let Vagabond out so long as he's under my jurisdiction, which I have no problems with.

With the spacebourne Kilrathi mostly dealt with, there's only one obstacle remaining before the Freya jump point is ours. The Kilrathi are shielding the point using a base on the planet and it's up to me to take that base out. I'll be flying solo but it still stands as a good test of the Excalibur's abilities. The base still has some Dralthi to throw at me as I approach but the old flying pancake is no match for the Excalibur, even at 4 to 1 odds. Down on the ground, things are a little tougher with a large number of AA tanks and aerial fighters protecting the Kilrathi buildings. Meson guns and Laser cannons against Tachyon and Reaper cannons is nowhere near a fair fight and the defenses are swept away without any damage to my fighter. A couple of Dralthi attempt to ambush me as I leave the atmosphere but fall prey to the Excalibur's copious missile banks. It was, as Rollins said, a great test of the Excalibur and we kicked some serious ass with them.

Freya 3:

A very chipper looking Vagabond greats me on the Observation Deck. He's plenty happy to be outside the brig and wants to thank me for it. Him being back on the roster is thanks enough for me, given the disappointment that Flash turned out to be on my last mission. Vagabond says that if he could do it all over again, he'd still punch Dr Severin and I remind myself not to get on his bad side.

With an important jump point now in our posession, we have to keep the Kilrathi from realising that we hold it. To achieve this, Vagabond and I will use Excaliburs to pounce on anything Kilrathi that comes through and destroy it before they can pass word back to their high command. The initial forces we face are fairly light a mix of Darkets, Dralthi and corvettes, all of which are easily dealt with by the Excalibur. Things seem a little hairy when Vaktoths start coming through the jump point but their pilots obviously haven't been briefed on our new fighter. They keep stopping to focus their heavy guns on a target. A risky proposition against our regular fighters, this turns into a disaster for them when faced with the heavy firepower of the Excalibur. Once the cats stop coming through the gate, Vagabond and I return to the Victory. Reinforcements have arrived to take over guarding the jump point and we're moving on.

Hyperion 1:

Rachel and Flint are both waiting for me at the bar. It's obvious from their body language just what they're after and I take a second to search my thoughts and feelings. I don't think I'm ready for a relationship just yet so soon after loosing Angel. To move in on either one of them would be to do both of them a disservice. I decide to let sleeping dogs lie.

My decision to avoid any distractions is vindicated when I receive today's briefing. Paladin has sent us a prototype Temblor bomb and the Victory has jumped to the empty Hyperion system to test it on a planet resembling Kilrah. It's going to be my duty to deliver the bomb, my aim and timing can't be thrown off by personal issues. I take off in my Excalibur and head towards the planet to find a nasty suprise, 4 Dralthi waiting for me. Once my shock at Dralthi appearing in an empty system wears off I do my bit to make sure we have accurate intelligence by finishing them all off. The Kilrathi presence in the system continues once I make it into the atmosphere with several Ekaphsi fighters intercepting me on the way to the fault line. I dispatch them all quickly so that they can't distract my bombing run. After the last cat goes down I fly up high and lock the Temblor bomb onto it's target, I swoop down and release at just the right moment. I'm unable to watch the devastation as all my focus is on getting the Excalibur away from the the blast but the asteroid field I end up in is most impressive. The Kilrathi must think so, too, as another 4 Dralthi try to stop me on my return to the Victory. I hope Rollins' "Planet Slater" nickname doesn't stick.

Hyperion 2:

Rachel and Flint are at the bar again. I admire their determination and I'm a little flattered but I know now that I made the right choice. So I head into the Barracks to find Flash relaxing a little, anticipating the end of the war. He says that he's suprised he survived a couple of those missions and, deep down, I'm also suprised but now's not the time to beat down on the guy so I just let him know that he's a damn good pilot. Vaquero's sharing the same winning feeling on the bridge. He reckons that with the T-bomb in the picture, it will all be done with very shortly. He thanks me for helping him improve as a pilot and I ask him to repay the favour by teaching my guitar in his cantina. Even Vagabond's getting a bit nostalgic on the Gunnery Deck. He thinks that the Victory is probably the first time he's really set down some roots and I'm glad for him in that. It's a lonely existence if you don't find somewhere to settle down. We exchange piloting prowess compliments but he cuts it off with a quick quip about playing a round of cards.

The Confederation seems to like the work that I've done in the Hyperion system as they've decided to stage a fleet there for the assault on Kilrah. Flint and I will be flying Excaliburs to protect the heavy ships coming into the system from any Kilrathi intruders. The Kilrathi have definitely picked up on our plans as there's a heavy fleet presence in this system. For the first nav point has a Destroyer with very full flight decks engaging the Sheffield. Flint dives in to attack the Destroyer will I keep the Kilrathi off her back. Eventually the destroyer runs out of fighters ready to launch and both of us coordinate our attacks on the front. The Destroyer detonates well before the Sheffield can get in range. The second Nav Point has a carrier under attack by the Coventry. Flint and I repeat the previous tactic, though the carrier has a much larger and heavier fighter complement to launch against us, including Vaktoths, Paktahns and a suicidal Dralthi that tried to take on the Coventry by itself for a few seconds before dying. Flint and I demonstrate the firepower need to take out cap ships with our Excaliburs taking down the fleet carrier before the Coventry can fire a single shot. The last nav point has a Fralthi cruiser taking on the Ajax. The fighter cover here is light, fortunately, as the cruiser has much heavier guns than the other two cap ships we've faced before. I try to strip it of AMG turrets but am unable to finish them all off before Flint takes a heavy hit and is forced to eject. The last turret detonates just as the Ajax gets into range to finish the cruiser off. Rachel doesn't seem all that upset at my rejecting her advances as she informs me that Flint is safely back on the Victory.

Freya 4:

Rachel and Flint are still waiting for me on the Observation Deck. I really admire their tenacity and wish I could find some way to convince them that I'm just not ready yet.

Today's mission lays the last of the groundwork for our attack on Kilrah. The jump point in the Freya system is under attack and we need to keep it in our hands. Vaqeuro and I will be taking Excaliburs out to defend it. The first wave of the assault starts with a Destroyer. Like the Destroyer in the Hyperion system, this one was plenty of fighters ready to launch and the usual cap ship assult plan goes into action. I only have to scrape Darkets and Dralthi off Vaquero's back as he takes out the Destroyer. The second wave of the assult is a puny 4 Darkets that barely have enough time to breath before dying. I take a deep breath as the third wave approaches. Fralthi cruisers represent a dire threat to our fighters and I don't want to risk Vaquero's dream of a cantina, so I order him home and destroy the two Darkets targeting him as a priority. After taking care of the last two Darkets, I park myself in the giant blind spot behind the Fralthi and open fire. My guns take forever to crack the shields, but once they do, I salvo off my missiles to finish the cruiser off.

Kilrah 1:

As the Victory completes it's approach to join one of the largest Confederation fleets I've seen, Captain Eisen calls me to the briefing room. He meets me just outside to say that while he wasn't sure about my assignment to the Victory at first, he feels that it's an honour to have served with me and he now believes I'm the only one who can pull the Kilrah mission off. I follow him into the briefing room, feeling the weight of the Confederation on my shoulders.

The mission briefing itself is simple, destroy the Kilrathi homeworld with the T-bomb. The fleet gathered at Kilrah is too large for us to do this by force so we're going to be going with guile instead. 4 Excaliburs equipped with cloaking devices will attempt to penetrate the Kilrah system. We can't risk the T-bomb on the jump, so it's already in the system, waiting at a hidden refuelling depot for our fighters. As an added bonus to the destruction of Kilrah, a large portion of the Kilrathi fleet is currently being refit in orbit of the Kilrathi homeworld and should get caught in the blast.

I won't be seeing the Victory again until I've completed my mission, but it's not my last briefing. A recorded message from Paladin informs me that he's left instructions on the other side of the jump point for me. Captain Eisen wishes me luck as I leave the briefing room.

With Maniac, Flint & Vagabond in Excaliburs on my wing I take off on the truly most important mission of the war.....

Flying Target

There's just nothing sweeter than taking down a Cat carrier. The last few missions are great fun.

Off to blow up the DeathStar/Kilrah next week! Ho hum...


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I'll be posting a journal later today if possible. My favorite memories were trying the alternate routes with Delius being well worth the trip. The atmospheric missions were a bit of a change of pace, although tanks seemed like they were just reaching for a decent defense. Ground missile turrets were a better defense in WC4 in my opinion.

For the break, I'll load up the intro for WC4. I'll also give Tyr 4 a few more tries at Ace to see if I can get thru.


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Whew! I'm in under the Sunday finale for my journal. I've been getting briefer on the journals, but there is not much interaction nor much difference on these six missions versus the others I've already flown. I could have come back in much better shape for Freya 4 if I used my head much earlier. Oh well, at least it's a tutorial on how dangerous cap ship guns can be if you attempt strafing runs like I did instead of making the smarter choice of parking your ship in the Cruiser's blind spot.

Freya 1
I see Rollins in the lift, and he’s chuckling over Vagabond’s predicament over landing himself in the brig after his greeting to Doctor Severin. Rollins thinks Captain Eisen is not going to let Vagabond out any time soon, but I tell him that I’ll talk to the Captain to see if I can change his mind. Maniac’s sitting outside the bar, and he takes that particular moment to do the verbal equivalent of sticking a knife in my back. He says that he was right all along in saying that Hobbes could not be trusted, and that it’s unfortunate that Cobra had to die before Hobbes was revealed as a Kilrathi sleeper agent. I display my disgust at Maniac, and he warns me that I can’t afford to lose any more wingmen. I tell him that the next time he flies on my wing, an ‘accident’ may happen where I shoot him down. Maniac does point out that his ship will have a turret too, but I will have the element of surprise if I carry out my threat. I head down to the flight level for my next mission briefing. Eisen gives me the news that there is a jump point here that we can use to head to Kilrah once the Doctor completes the T-bomb. I’m to do a sweep of the area to eliminate the Kilrathi presence. I go with Vaquero and the Thunderbolt for this mission, although Rachel’s loadout was for the Longbow. Looks like there will be Kilrathi cap ships, so I’m expecting the Thunderbolt to be able to handle them.

At the first nav point are some Darkets and what looks to be a Destroyer. I know I can handle the light fighters, so I go after them myself. I wipe one out on a frontal pass with the Thunderbolt’s guns. A second one lasts only a few moments longer than the first one did, and the Destroyer has launched a second wave of more Darkets. Yet another Darket joins the debris piles, and a fourth one follows. Vaquero is wondering what’s going on since his ship is taking shield hits while still in formation. I get the last two Darkets from the Destroyer’s wing, and let Vaquero go after the cap ship. He weakens the shields enough for me to make a serious dent on the Destroyer. On the next pass, I take out the cap ship so I’ve saved a torpedo for a more serious Kilrathi cap ship. At the next nav point are Dralthis escorting Corvettes. This should be easier than the previous presence. The first Dralthi is trying to lead me away from the Corvettes, but I afterburn into range and blow him to bits. A second one is shredded quickly, and two more are dropped. I let Vaquero do his thing against the Corvettes, and he takes them both out with my help. At our next enemy encounter are some Dralthi and a Carrier. Now that cat Carrier is going to be a good target for my torpedo. I engage the Dralthi fighter cover first, and take out two before making a run on the Carrier. I shoot my torpedo and turn back on the remaining Dralthis. I get the rest of that defending wave, and then let Vaquero help out with the next wave of Darkets. Looks like I have to use my guns again to toast the Carrier, but I’ll worry about that once we’ve dealt with all the fighter wings. I destroy the first Darket in the wing, and let another one make friends with a missile of mine. I get another of the fighters, and Vaquero has plenty of space to move around and get the last cat. More Dralthis are launched by the Carrier, but they drop like insignificant pests. Time for both of us to crack the Carrier. I make a few passes and then open up on the exposed hangar bay. I’m rewarded with a series of explosions, so I’m definitely doing some damage. I do a minor bit of weaving to spray that fire into the innards. More multiple explosions occur, but I pull out of my attack since I’m not doing enough damage to finish the ship off. Vaquero lines up and makes the kill as I’m searching for better soft spots. We head back for the Victory, and Rollins makes a comment about how the Kilrathi shipyards seem to have provided more cap ships for us to deal with.

Freya 2
I find Flint in the berths, and she’s unpacking her locker. I ask her if she’s going somewhere, but she does it from time to time to clear her head. I then tell her that lately I’ve been letting go of memories myself, and she approaches me with a romantic proposal. Flint wonders if I’ve had similar proposals from the other females on the ship. I tell her that I make it a policy to not flirt with every female on the ship. Flint retorts that she does the same thing for the male pilots, but is making an exception in my case. I head up to the bridge to see if I can convince Eisen to release Vagabond from the brig. I give the Captain my belief that Vagabond deserves another chance, and Eisen agrees to let Vagabond out after I give assurances that I’ll deal with any breach of discipline from him. I go back down to the flight deck to find out what’s next. Eisen tells me that a shield generator on Freya 2 is blocking us from using the jump point. I’m to take an Excalibur and bust that base, so it sounds like more Ekapshis and tanks again.

As I’m approaching Freya 2, a wing of Dralthis are there to stop me. I fry all four rather quickly from the firepower of the Excalibur. After my atmospheric entry, there are four Ekapshis trying to take care of me. I get one on a frontal pass, and the others don’t fare much better even though they have much more maneuverability that my fighter does in the air. I readjust my power settings and head for the next area. Four more Ekapshis are around, and I can hear the tanks as well. You’d think that for such an important position, the Kilrathi would have a far better defense but I’m not about to let up on my attack just because of this. I wipe out all resistance at this point, and head for the generator base. At the generator base, there is a more serious resistance here. The Ekapshis are aggressively attacking me as a unit, but one gets careless and dies from either a collision or friendly fire. The other defenders don’t pose a danger to my fighter, and only the generator is left. It only takes a few shots to blow it sky high, so it’s time for me to head back for the Victory. Some Dralthis thought it would be a good idea to try to stop me along the way back, but I show them the futility of their actions. I have to take four of them down before my final approach to the Victory. Rollins is really impressed on what the Excalibur can do on atmospheric missions, and I have to agree that it is certainly well-suited to its multifunction role.

Freya 3
I find a very happy Vagabond sitting outside the berths. He thanks me for not having to play solitaire in the brig, though he certainly has no regrets about his greeting for the Doctor. I go down to the flight deck to get my next briefing. Eisen wants me to eliminate the Kilrathi coming in to this system so that they can’t get word back to their chain of command that we have control over the jump point. It sounds like perfect work for the Excalibur, and I take Vagabond along as my wingman.

At the first nav point, there are Dralthi here. I let Vagabond break formation since I’m going to let the cats get a taste of two Excaliburs. Vagabond bags one, while I wipe out three. A wing of Darkets comes in with a Corvette. Both Darket fighters fall from the power of my guns, and Vagabond nails the Corvette critter. A wing of four Darkets joins the fun, but Vagabond and I do a split for the fighter kills. Some more Darkets come along, but they’re just cannon fodder. At last the Kilrathi come in with some Vaktoths, but they are not enough to slow down our killing spree much. Some more Vaktoths come in with a Darket or two, but again it’s just a simple matter of making mincemeat of them. A final wing of Darkets drops in, and they are also pulverized into pulps. Together, Vagabond and I head for the Victory. Rollins says that reinforcements will pick up on our work here. I’m expecting some stiffer resistance on the next several missions.

Hyperion 1
Flint and Rachel are at the bar, and it’s obvious that they both want to be a part of a future with me to make up for Angel's loss. As tempting as it is to pick Flint, I go with Rachel as my choice. In my opinion, she has made more of a difference to me. Rachel kept my fighters constantly going, made a real difference in me not flying drunk, provided me the Excalibur early, and it feels like a better chance at a long-term relationship. Rachel and I engage in a long kiss, and Flint walks away in disappointment. I head down to flight level to get the latest mission briefing. Eisen tells me that Paladin and Doctor Severin have provided a T-bomb for testing. We’ve found a good test planet, so I’m to make sure the test goes off without a hitch. I have only one shot for the T-bomb, so I have to make sure my timing and aim are perfect.

I see the standard wing of Dralthis trying to prevent my planetary entry, but they don’t do any better than the previous attempts. After atmospheric entry, my Excalibur takes a licking from two Ekapshis. I noticed that my speed was set slow, so that’s why I was nailed so much. I compensate enough to take down the fighters. Fortunately, I have no system damage on my ship although I can see sparks coming from my rear. Four more Ekapshis attempt to impede further progress on my mission to test the T-bomb. I wipe them out: all of them. I then get the fault line in view and wait for the T-bomb to lock on. The T-bomb strikes true, and I get to see a significant asteroid field from my handiwork. A wing of four Dralthis tries to avenge the planet, but those felines are hopelessly outclassed by the Excalibur. Upon my landing approach, Rollins thinks I’ll be nicknamed ‘Planet Slayer’ but I feel that I have too many nicknames already with the Kilrathi calling me ‘Heart of the Tiger’. I also get a group congratulations after landing, so it looks like everybody is looking forward to finishing this fight with the Kilrathi.

Hyperion 2
I find Flash in the berths, and he’s looking forward to going back to test piloting. He’s surprised that he’s survived this far along in combat action, and I admit that he’s a good pilot to have on my wing. I find Vaquero hanging out on the bridge, and he admires the capabilities of the T-bomb. I do admit that it’s unique, and he’s looking forward to our conflict with the cats ending soon. I think the T-bomb is our best chance to win the war for my generation. Vaquero feels that he’s learned quite a bit from me during this campaign, and I ask him to try to return the favor when I visit his cantina when it opens. I find Vagabond getting nostalgic over his journeys to multiple sectors before his assignment to the Victory. Vagabond feels that he has put down some roots, and I agree that he deserves to have a place that he can call home. I express my gratitude that he’s been a good influence on the rest of the pilots. He wants a quick hand of cards, but I know better now against his winning streak. I head down to the flight deck for my next briefing. Captain Eisen explains that Confed is making a buildup here, and that my duties will be to help escort our other cap ships. I choose Flint to come along in an attempt to perk her up after my choice of Rachel, and let her fly in an Excalibur.

Flint is pretty business-like in her interaction with me. She’s definitely not enthused, although I still have slim hopes that killing some cats in a state-of-the-art fighter like the Excalibur will brighten her mood. She nails two of the Kilrathi fighters, and I get the rest of the wings of Darkets and Dralthi trying to defend a Destroyer. The Destroyer is taken out by one of the ships from our battlegroup. Flint and I forge forward and we see Dralthis with a Carrier. Fortunately, another of Confed’s battlegroup is with us here. I take out the fighters with Flint getting a fighter kill too. A wing of Paktahns plops in to try torpedoing the Confed cap ship. I get one, the Confed ship slays the other, and Flint is still feeling forgotten. Our next enemy encounter is livelier with some Paktahns and a Cruiser. Flint and I both get a bomber, and the Confed ship is lighting up the Cruiser with its guns. I get to see a broadsides before the Cruiser goes up, and we head back for the Victory. The fireworks other cap ships besides the Victory can cause certainly impress Rollins.

Freya 4
There’s nobody to talk to, although I could tell Flint to ‘kiss off’ at this point but I’ll save that for later. In the briefing room, Captain Eisen tells me that the Kilrathi are making one last attempt to take the jump point here to Kilrah back. I choose Vaquero and a Thunderbolt for this mission since I’m expecting heavy Kilrathi cap ships that the Excalibur may not survive against.

Our first enemy encounter is lightly stacked resistance from Darkets and a Destroyer. The Destroyer calls in another wing of Darkets and some Dralthis. I get them all without letting Vaquero vanquish any. I let him loose on the Destroyer though, and he cooks the cat. At the next nav point are more Darkets, but they don’t pose many problems for myself. I give Vaquero the orders to return to base before the next nav point. That was a good decision since there is a Cruiser with Darkets defending it. I take out the fighter defense, but the trickier part is crushing the Cruiser. I am able to hit the Cruiser with a torpedo to its rear, but my Thunderbolt takes a hit. I do multiple strafing runs against the Cruiser, but this is getting me nowhere and also making my chances smaller that I’ll survive in one piece. I decide to park the Thunderbolt right behind the engines in the blind spot of the guns. They can’t shoot me there, and unless I get careless the Cruiser should be a matter of minutes before it is finished. I switch power to more for the guns, and less for the shields. I begin to wonder if the Cruiser is even taking any damage, but some patience and more full barrages vindicate my efforts. I head back for the Victory, and Rachel is relieved to see me alive. She tells me that I’m lucky that I made it back in one piece after seeing how many holes I have in the Thunderbolt I brought back. By the time that ship is ready for action again, I suspect the war against the Kilrathi will be over one way or another.

Around orbit of Kilrah, a massive Kilrathi armada is preparing a final push to attack Earth. The fleet will be ready in 48 hours, and Thrakhath wants to have one final encounter with me before the final victory.

Confed is not slacking off with a massive contingent of cap ships, and I’m called to the briefing room over the intercom. Soon there will be the final fights to finish off the ferocious felines for good.

P.S. - I'll have some Flint cinematics for that choice as well. I'll do it after I complete WC3, but then post the Flint stuff first. This will be the second Wing Commander game that we'll finish for a holiday, so happy Labor Day to all!