Wing Commander 3 Music Video


I have created a new music video. This time for Wing Commander 3. It's completely different to my other two videos. The choice of the music won't be to everybody's taste. It's "You Went Away" by Tegan and Sara. You can find the video here. Enjoy!
Other than the fact that I don't really like any of tegan and sara's stuff (mostly because of the vocals) I think this is your best music vid so far, Tom.

I liked the way you used the guitar, and how you had the Angel flashback.

Practice makes perfect they say. Keep at it and prove them right. This vid is evidence that your on track. Plus the imagery suits the tone of the music.
Nice fitting of text and pictures...but you have also made another vid with B5 Music...I like that a lot more...and the Prophecy PCP vid is funny.
I liked the video, well strung together. I can't say much for the song though, although knowing me it'll probably grow on me before too long.

Good things.
Lol, I loved that. The music is odd but that really pulls it off in my sense. Actually it grows on you for a while. Nice job my man, nice job.