Wing Commander 3 Bugs

i have played Wing Commander 3 with the XP Patch, and in the newest Dosbox.

The XP version was ok, until CD4...

Error: Can not load from CD.... (CD ok, files at the harddisk)

Ok then i was using the Dosbox.

(The Xp-Version looks better to me!)

With Dos i have only 2 buttons and 2 axis! ( no thrustcontrol or pedals)

But who cares? ;)

The last mission has some sort of bug.

I was flying with 3 Wingmen, but every Waypoint one of them got lost?!

Ok why not...

The bug apears at the last waypoint: With Hobbes and many fighters.

Should i use the cloak at this point?

If i try to kill the last 4 sorthak ships, every time a new one jumpes in?

Is this an error?

Then i started the game with cheats on: I was killing every ship with strg + alt + w

But it didnt work, even more sorthaks jumped in.

Thats bad... i`ve played WC3 last time 400 years ago or something.

And not with the good ending! :D

Now after so many mission a stupid bug.

Can sombody please help me?


I have also another complicated problem:
My Wing Commander IV CD 1 is broken.
Buing a new WC IV Game is impossible here.
I dont want to load 3 GB...
Does anyone has a WC IV CD1 uploaded to a server?
(Sorry but i need to ask this :) its worth a try )



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The last thing you mentioned is illegal.
You can get the game on Ebay. That's legal.

EDIT: Ah, by the way: Welcome!
:D thx for the Info!

This is legal here! (i think)

I have bought Wing Commander IV CD1-CD6!!!!!!

CD1 has a cut.

OK i dont have any idea of your rights! :confused:

Hox can i fix my Wing Commander 3 Problem?



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Indeed there are countries (swiss for example, IIRC) where it is not illegal to download it. But it is still illegal to upload it for somebody to download it in every country I know.

I'm sorry I can't help you with your WC3-Problem, It's been a while since I tried it the last time, you'll have to wait until somebody else (who knows that problem better) looks into this thread.
Don't worry, I don't think that you will have to wait long. :)

About the bugs in WC3:
Yes, there are some. For example the vanishing Wingmen. I had that bug too. I think they die and you don't notice it. Or are supposed to die, or something like that....

I replayed the last mission three times or more until I could fly to the points which are important and drop the T-bomb in the end.

only 2 buttons and 2 axis in DOS. Same problem here. I used another driver but I have great problems calibrating.


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From the sounds of it he is doing the Kilrah series. A wingman is supposed to "die/eject" during each of those missions.

You have to cloak before meeting Hobbes and Thrakhath. Otherwise you get the infinite waves of Sorthak.
Thrakhath was not there?!

I use the autopilot to fly to the last wayponit, and then?
Immeditaly cloaking?

Was soll daran illegal sein? Ich darfs doch lade oder? Der "Andere" darfs nur nicht öffentlich zur Verfügung stellen? Ich meinte einen privaten ftp-server oder so.
Ich besitze doch dieses Spiel! Ich verstehs net sorry. Und nochmal sorry hab das Germany wegen zu hoher Auflösung nicht erkannt! Hab dich für einen Ami oder so gehalten. Bitte nicht böse sein. :)

How is Win XP able to run a Dos Game? With a patch and a windows-exe ok,
but 14 years old and now with a all axis usb joystick? Strange....
But i can use the Windows-Version only to CD4.

If i can replace my WC4 Cd1, what is better Patch or Emulator?



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@ Demolition Man

Das herunterladen selbst ist eine Urheberrechtsverletzung, genau wie bei Musik. Es gab früher ne Grauzone, für den Fall dass Du das Spiel schon hattest, die gilt aber nicht mehr, wenn ich mich recht erinnere.
Es steht dem Inhaber der Rechte also frei, dich auf bis zu 3000€ Schaden zu verklagen. Die Musikindustrie tut das bereits und bei Filmen und Spielen folgt das in Kürze. Hast Du noch keine Leute im Bekanntenkreis, die zahlen mussten? Ich schon. Ist nicht allzu lustig.
Ich hatte übrigens mal ein ähnliches Problem wie Du. Hab aber Gott sei dank die CD woanders kaufen können.

Sorry for the german text, but I don't have much time at the moment so it was faster to explain it in german.


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Thrakhath was not there?!

I use the autopilot to fly to the last wayponit, and then?
Immeditaly cloaking?

There's no bug here. Cloak before you autopilot to the nav point with the infinite Sorthak, and then Thrakhath will be there.


ing commander3 problem running on xp

I just got a copy of WC3 and it won't run on my computer which far exceeds the recommendations. Maybe my computer is too fast? idk, but is there a patch or something? I get an error message that it has performed and illegal operation and gets shut down. Also, the screen test messes up my screen.. I tried to set the resolution lower, but the max res suggested by the game is lower than the lowest setting on my laptop. :( any replies to cos I will lose this thread... thanx!


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There are multiple threads with how to get WC3 working correctly under XP.

This thread however, is not one of them. I'd recommend browsing this forum a bit more.

I'm guessing you are trying to play the original DOS version which can be easily run from DOSBox. Check the WC3 Tech Support Section from the front page and you should be on your way.
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