Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod


Hey guys, any word from Destro ?

How is the voice over mod coming ?
Hey Panther1.0., Ya I still here and working on it. Quick update for you. I had some issues with the SegaCD and HCI's extraction tool. For one reason or another the debriefing audio for Gateway Mission 2 just isn't in the debriefing file. It plays in the game but couldn't find any refrence in the Deb.dat file. Also missing some other dialog like inflight com's and story narration, the files are there but just don't extract using the tool. So after some deep digging and ended up finding a program called SnacherPCM2Wav which basically converts binary files to WAV. Which sucks a little because it also converts the code inbetween to broken audio and static so I need to do edit them and separate the missing files manually. Though I have successfully found and extracted the story narration files that I was previously missing and looking for the others. So basicly converting all the SegaCD version code to WAV and scrubbing through them looking for missing lines. So lot's of work but progress is being made. I've also had to work a little this last week and some family things going on but never fear I'm still on the case. :D Cheers