Wing Commander 1 colour ribbons


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Hi everyone,

i'm a long time player of the wing commander series since '90 and i always had this "desire" to see the Wing Commander 1 ribbons in color in the "claw marks" manual. Unfortunately they are almost all mixed up in the original manual. You can tell this because, despite they are in black and white, you can actually infer the corresponding color looking at the "line pattern" e.g. horizontal lines are "blue", vertical lines are "yellow", slashed lines are "red", backslashed lines are "green" and so on.

So i decided to fix both of these issues and i've added corrected color ribbons in this version of "claw marks", which i uploaded at this link (i hope i'm not violating some copyright rule):

(pag. 34, 37 and 38) is where you find the colored ribbons.

I hope you could enjoy this :)

P.S. There is still one unsolved issue: the game is granting you the 5-missions ribbon after mission 1 in Enjo, no matter what. I can't fix this, of course.

edit: added a mirror to another file hosting site (probably faster)
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