Wing Command 1 remake...


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I'm not sure I entirely understand your question. The WC1 remake site works fine for me here . He seems to have either removed the download or perhaps he's surpassed his download limit with his ISP for this month. You should try emailing Kevin to find out.

Kevin Caccamo

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Yeah, I removed the files from the website... I don't know if I plan to anywhere else with the project, but if I do, I'm going to make an original storyline using the WC1 Ships.


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I don't know if you hate thread reviving so I apologize in advance.

Does anyone still have WC1 Remake? If yes, can someone send it to me, please? THanks in advance.
I know, it isn't finished, might have some bugs and the bad AI (no offense) from Flight Commander. But I'm still interested in playing it. (and who knows, I might also continue it myself. ;) )