WIN XP and Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS


I just received a fully loaded Alienware PC to replace my aging 2.2 Mhz PC that I still had configured for WIN 98SE. The Pre-Release Privateer Remake v1 ran fine on my WIN 98SE PC with no conflicts.

With Win XP and a Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS soundcard, I'm having troubles with Pre-Release v1, Pre-Release v2, and even v0.9. Conflicts on start-up with my Norton Firewall puts the PC into a hard lock.

When I go to run the game I receive the following message from Norton Internet Security on the Privateer load up screen:
Soundserver.exe is attempting to connect to a DNS server
followed by:
Vegastrike.exe is attempting to connect to a DNS server.

No matter if I say allow or say to block, I get a hardlock on the Privateer Remake load screen, requiring a boot. If I disable the firewall, it works. Is there something I missed here in the software where there is a known conflict with Norton Internet Security (my old PC did not have firewall sofware running).


you need to configure your software to allow connections from your own computer ( before vega strike starts.

It's only logical to allow any sort of connection from yourself--because if you're already attacking yourself you've been compromized already