Widescreen Field of View

First off, THANK YOU everyone who has contributed to this project, it is awesome!!!!!!!!! I just found out about it a couple of days ago and can't believe I didn't know about this for all these years. :)

Secondly, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to run in Widescreen resolutions (1920x1080) with an increased field of view? What it seems like is that when I turn on widescreen mode, it zooms in the view to fit the cockpit to the whole screen, thus your field of view is narrowed due to this zooming in. Is there a way to un-zoom in or adjust this?


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Hi. Adjusting the field of view is still on my to-do (or rather, "to-hack" :p), but it's a pretty big challenge to find the FOV value in the EXE and I am not too sure I can hack it only with the cockpit camera and not the others... maybe someday !


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I'm glad we didn't listen to my requests to postpone the release until widescreen FOV was fixed - we'd still be waiting. :p

Yeah, the reduced FOV sucks, but I'm sure Pete will figure it out eventually. He's done more complex hacks before...
No worries, I'm too busy enjoying this masterpiece you guys have made. Bravo! I nearly blew my load when I fired it up the first time. I was back in the day a WC 1/WC 2 junkie. This is perfect! I always thought the WC 1/2 gameplay mechanics were superior.

You guys are incredible.
Any luck on getting the FOV changed? I played around with the executable using a hex editor for quite some time and had zero luck. I could try decompiling it? I'm not sure what language the original code is written in...


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I can report a negative here.

Pete could give a better answer, but I'm pretty sure he's off being a hockey dad currently.

But continue to bug!