WiCdr 4-07 Sil Ba part III ...


W4 ... # 32 ... Brief Review ...

It is year 2X10 , and theater is distant galaxies .
Now TV news networks shows no more Kilrathi , and their mighty nine cosmos fleets .
No one concern about Kilrathi any longer .

Human earned many advanced technologies from Kilrathi , and for a while
it was used for search where were Human from and exact location of the “Earth” .
Yet Earth itself didn't found , maybe because already disintegrated
during space battles between Human long ago .

For a while , commerce and trade grow every year ,
but peace didn't last long ...

In recent days ,
many trade ships were caught by unknown organizations with their cargo .

Terran supreme command decided to send their newly built "Horizon" class Frigates
and various classes of Capital Vessels to find out where they are from .

Most people forgot but during the confrontation era against Kilrathi ,
Terran was in alliances with Human societies in Rallehuu galaxy ,
and despite their want to live in traditional life ,
some Terran military bases were built in there .

Locating at outskirt of Rallehuu galaxy , star system including planet-Y was
important place for Terran to watch Kilrathi migrations .

Some Terran hightechs leeked into some scientists of planet-Y and
it was one of top secrets that some political leaders supported to build up
facilities at planet-U that could misproduct genetic engineered things .

And now many evidences have been revealed that unidentified things are
from planet-U , one of the most distant planet from Terran galaxy ,
and their outbreak time is coming ...


W 4 ... # 32 ... A Wreckage ...

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... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-33 ... A Wreckage ...

... year AD 2X10 ... May ... Orbit of Jupiter type planet 308506 ...

One probe from Battle Ship "Synbaad" detected huge scale Space Battle ,
near planet 308506 , very close to the solar system including planet-U .

Nowadays ,
those "things" separated into several groups and fight severely with each other .

When the battle was over ,
BS Synbaad and its crews arrived at there and found wreckages of various kinds of SpaceShips .

Artificial Intelligence of "Hobbes" and mainframe of BS Synbaad estimated
that each side of "things" had more than 50 Capital Vessels and 100 Frigates .

One wreckage looks familiar , because it is so resemble to our Battle Ship .

Probe find that its craft dock is still functional , so we could get in there with our shuttle .
Due to multiple hit , outerlook of the ship was mess itself .
Some damages are so deep , so we could even see inside structures through .

Many doors are open and close by muscle like organ ,
and communications are by nerve like tissue .

No moving "thing" was left inside .
Maybe other kinds of "things" invaded into this ship and slaughtered or captured those .

Are there slavery system exists in "things" society ?
We need more evidences to prove that .

At the control center , we found that architecture and subsystems of this ship
is very much resemble to our Battle Ship "Synbaad" .

If we met this ship at the battle field , could we won against it ?

More over , could Human survive against those "things" ?

... See you all sooner or later ...


W 4 ... # 34 ...about Admiral "West" ...

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... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-34 ... about Admiral "West" ...

... year AD 2X10 ... May ... at CIC of Battle Cruiser (Heavy Cruiser) Synbaad ...

Admiral Holmes , call sign "West"

He is now 75 years old and temporarily comeback in civil duty .

His old friend Admiral Talwin and he once were chief directors of project "Behemoth" ,
about shipbuilding unmanned huge energy cannons powerful enough to disintegrate
entire planet in just single full scale emission .

When he was Naval aviator , he maneuvered tsc-4 , tsc-8 V and tsc-18 .

He was once Chief Commander of entire Naval Fleets that belongs to
1 of the 3 star systems that located western part of Terran Galaxy .

Now he is a good advisor to skipper "Manic" of BS Synbaad ,
and a faithful mediator between Supreme Commanders of Terran and the crews of Synbaad .

... See you all sooner or lator ...


W 4 ... # 35 ...about professor "Hobbes" ...

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... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-35 ... about professor "Hobbes" ...

... year AD 2X10 ... May ... at history hall of BS Synbaad ...

professor "Hobbes"

The only character from WingCommander I , II and III .

In WingCommander 4 , "Hobbes" is always in 3-D holographic image .

This images are from clear cubic shaped crystal about 1 inch length .
It is now installed within the mainframe of BS Synbaad .

Mainframe of BS Synbaad is ubiquitous in entire ship facilities ,
so every crew could access and consult in front of 3-D Postboxes .

If you need further explanations , ask to "Hobbes" .

... See you all sooner or later ...


W 4 ... # 36 ... Tsc-26 ...

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-36 ... TSC-26 ...

... year AD 2X10 ... May ... at internal flight deck of BS Synbaad ...

Type - 4 th generation CosmoCraft

Purpose - Fighter , Attacker , Interceptor , Recognition

Seat - 1 or 2

Hyper Jump - possible

Hallucination Decoy - 6 to 10

Unique Capability - Optical Cloaking

cf> This newly developed state of the art cosmo craft is still in classified conditions ...


W 4 ... # 37 ... Tsc-6 & Tsc-116 ...

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-37 ... TSC-6 & TSC-116 ...

... year AD 2X10 ... May ... at maintenance deck of BS Synbaad ...

1. TSC-116

Type - 3.5 th generation CosmoCraft

Purpose - Fighter , Attacker , Interceptor

Seat - 1 or 2

Hyper Jump - possible

Engine - 2

Unique Outerlook - blended wing and body

cf > This beautiful cosmo craft is developed for replacing 2 nd generation crafts ,
especially TSC-5 , widely exported to planets and star systems all over the human universe ...

2. TSC-6

Type - 2.5 th generation CosmoCraft

Purpose (at Synbaad) - Emergency Escape from Deck

Seat - 2

Hyper Jump - impossible

Engine - 1

cf> This is one of the open architecture crafts that manufactured widely in
human universe to compete with KIL-19 and border planets' M-1000 series ...