WiCdr 4-07 Sil Ba part III ...


Hello ,
good to see you all again !

... year AD 2 X X 7 ... May ... Zhuikkov path , outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // were flied through the path ...

( This one is " # Sil Ba part II " and previous parts are sum together part I ... )

Our CosmoShuttle were so closely approached to the unidentified CosmoShip ,
so Capt "Violet" had to be very careful for maneuvering the muti-winged fascinating shuttle .

And though shuttle had multiple wall display pannels so all of us could watch the out look of
this very huge ship - even the half neon yellow and half aqua marline purple (also ashy & co-baltish )
colored marking was clearly visible both aft ? and starboard ? , front and backward ...

At the middle of the ship , there were really glowing Southern Cross Star logo .
Out look itself was definitely one of the brand new design Terran Consortious Spaceship .
The seriel number was "TCS Z 102" (...and there maybe "X 101" would show later in this series ? ... ^o^ ... )

Suddenly the outer airlock opened ,
and messages were recieved by our shuttle's many holo HUDs ...

It says that it's nickname is the "marline" and only Artificial Intelligences is onboard now ,
and further lefted massages only could be given when we would enter one of the SpaceShip's CICs .

Admiral "Sun Bee" says that we could decide ourselve's next action , but
who would miss this once in a service time (or deploy time ? ) event ?

All 7 of us wanted to go inside and only Admiral was somewhat unstablely looked .
We were so much curious what's inside ...

( Some facilities will be explained in photo like detail on later sessions ... ^o^ ... )

There were multiple airlocks , and our shuttle was controlled by one of the AI of the ship ,
and just after some meanwhile scenes , we arrived at the CIC airlock .

The CIC itself was so huge ...
"Marline" wants our individual brief identifications and our Admiral allowed for us to talk .

Finally ,
"marline" wanted the analog ID signs ( Have you played the famous PCgame "Loom" ? ) ,
so Admiral "Sun Bee" played the violine about 5 - 10 seconds and Col "Manic" played the bassoon .
( Much like the famous theatre film "Moonrakers" ... )

And we were startled when the next hologram appears ...
It was , you may believe or not , the 4-D motion graphic of the Kilrathi cosmo aviator "Hobbs" !

"Hobbs" says that many portions of this operation was supported by one of the authorities of Kilrathi
like Sevyeux galaxy headquarter , commanding 1 of the 9 local Kilrathi galaxy fleet .

... See you all sooner or later ...

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... sorry ... terminology ? re-adjustments ...

1. TCS X 101 ---> TCS X 103

2. marline ---> marlin

3. Col "Manic" ---> Cdr "Manic"


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I don't think those adjustments really change anything.

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Hello ,
good to see you all again !
( ... sugestion !! ... TCS Z 102 ---> TCS O 102 ... or ... TCS SO 102 ... ? ... )
( ... ... ... ... ... ... ... X 103 ---> SQ 103 ... ? ... mustache ? ... ... ^o^ ... )

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-08 ... The Blue Tigers ...

... year AD 2 X X 7 ... May ... Zhuikkov path , outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // were flied through the path ...
Shortly after our return to TCS-SO-102 , reenforcement squadron arrived to our SpaceCarrier .

Their leader was tall , handsome , grayish-green irises , always smile ,
and has deep reed colored hair & mustache ... ( looks like an Ophthalmology Surgeon ? ... ^o^ ... )

They come to our s-carrier with 7 s-crafts and 30 remote controllable drones .
The s-crafts are one by one all different shaped & sized , and each s-crafts has unique marks ,
birds like vulture , hawk , owl ... and various botanical prints & colorful shields ... and et cetera ...

Me already acknowledged that TCS Muskette's onboarded personnel except me was
7 aviators and 32 mechanic sergeants , so It was another exciting monent of servicetime for me .

They asked me for wake up all the sergeants except next duty squad ,
so 14 aviators and 21 sergeants and me were all gathered to the dining hall ...

The terran's "Blue Tiger Squadron" leader brought finest wines & brandies ,
so we could lower our too much tight tensions ...

Some crews singing one after the other .

At that time ,
it was not much time passed after the independance of Terran from 1 of the 9 Kilrathi Cosmo Fleets ,
and all those battles, conflicts and terrors between inside our terranselves ,
we were all together with same aim & goal .

... See you all sooner or later ...

PS. Me couldn't find the Fan Fiction directory / folder ... T T ... Where is that ? ...


Hello ,
good to see you all again !

Thank you for all your kindness ,
but me think me still need some more experience & learning about writing ,
and if Original Authors of WingCommander 4 like my articles , me could gift this artwork ?
( might be ... version 4.5X ? ... ^o^ ... ) to them ...

Just one condition ... ? ... My favorite Label is the Paramount Pictures TM ... ^o^ ...

... my other opinions about this artwork ! ...

1. Shortly after our return to TCS-SO-102 ...
--> ... TCS Muskette ...

... Mirror interview with myself ... ^o^ ...

[ Journalist SA-1 ] How old are you ?

>> I think my mental age is around 25 , comparing to High School graduates of Nordics .

[ Journalist SB ] What is your favorite novel until now ?

>> The novels about Old Chinese (or Zinah's ? ) culture and history , such like that of Han Empire era .

[ Journalist SQ ] What motion picture - including Hollywood made - do you like the most ?

>> ... ... ... Ummm ... "Lawrence of Arabia" .

[ Journalist SO-1 ] What is your favorite TV Epic Series ?

>> ... ... ... Ummm ... "Winds of War" .

[ Journalist SM ? ] What is your favorite Drama style movie ?

>> ... ... ... Ummm ... "Blue Lagoon" ( ... and "Paradise" , and so on ... ... ... )

[ Jounalist SA-2 ] Is the 9 Fleets of the Kilrathi has historical reference ?

>> ... Ummm ...

1. Former USSR (=Soviet Union ? ) 's 4 major Fleets

2. Two of British Fleets ( during 1914 ~ 1918 , Grand Fleet / Home Fleet , Indian Ocean Fleet / Oriental Fleet )

3. Nowadays ( early 21 century era ) US Navy & Marine's 5 th , 6 th , 7 th Fleets .

... See you all sooner or later ... ^o^ ...


Hello ,
good to see you all again !

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-09 ... Recall Lady Xur ... part I ...

... year AD 2 X X 7 ... May ... Orbit of 3 rd Haan-Hahn planet , outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // were flied on the orbit ...
Admiral "Sun Bee" and all of our squadron (rather than air regiment) arrived at 3 rd Haan-Hahn planet .

"Blue Tigers" were ambushed behind one of the asteroid near 3 rd hh-planet .
They also took 20 meter caliber "Inge Particle Cannon" which they brought from there home planet .

When we arrived , the Pront Flotilla (= some Fleet consisted with light weighted crafts)
which surrounds the entire 3 rd hh-planet send us their representative messengers .

Admiral "Sun Bee" and Cdr "Manic" agreed the negotiation , so 2 messengers arrived shortly after .
Their Shuttle was much similar to our own , maybe derived from same Kilrathi blueprint .

They are mixed breed women , one is 19 years old , and the other is early 30 ' s .
Older female presented herself as a Lady ? "Uoddo Kimi" , and younger one was costumed like noble .

Me asked to bring the tea and estern (sweet) candies .
So me went to the dining hall and resetup the robochef to make those exotic cuisine .
At that days , me were always wondering about my current job - the A/S boy for the j-ship .

But ,
one thing was certain that the 19 year old Lady was much resembled to the next
college beauties ,
might be she has same eyes and eyelids , but the race was different from Terran to Rallehuu .

During the dining , me sit down and recallected about my college day ideal womens .
Me had to go to University and so on to get further degree for better salary pay job ,
so me had to temporarily depart from college day other club friends .

She was terran , high tone voiced , around 1.68 meters , thin body shaped ,
attended at the Pop (differ from the contemporary part of university) Music part of "Al Arian College" .

Me only remember her nickname in the club , she usually called as "Xur" from friends .
( But at my diary , she was aliased like "Apple" ... )
She was one of the 10 ~ 20 back chorus applier , so she had to overcome too tight competetions .

There were so many overwealthy men and women around her ,
so comrade like me , always shortage of money and basic daily life necessities ,
was surely out of her sight and me still think me was just another passer by boy to her .

... See you all sooner or later ...


WiCdr 4-10 ... Recall Ms Xur ... part II ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again !

( Me write this diary during May , year 2XX8 for reference to future peoples who really wants just a small
particle of historical events of Terran Galaxy , Rallehuu Galaxy and so on during spring to summer ... )

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Orbit of 3 rd Haan-Hahn planet , outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // were flied on the orbit ...
The 3 rd hh-planet were surrounded by Pront space navy's more than 150 ships of all kinds .

Some were over one-million metric tonnage space ship similar to that of Kilrathi's regular type
Cosmo Escort Vessels of all kinds like Udarl class , Star Clipper class and so on ...
( Star Clipper class was nicknamed by some terran peoples like journalists of TNN or ... )

The actual number of this Super Pront ships were more than 3 ~ 5 me heard ,
but me cannot recollect the true number ...

Anyway , whatever , what ever ,
when me bring the trolley to the 3 rd conference hall , all the people at the hall were
very much astonished by the bouquet of the various kinds of tea & subtropic islands style sweets .

Maybe , might be ,
they were too tired & bored about many unfamiliar official documents ,
so they gathered around trolley at once and started to taste many kinds & colored of sweets ...

At that time , me could watch the (maybe or maybe not ? ) noble girl very closly .
The 19 year old girl wear one of their traditional costume and although it was turtle necked ,
but me could feel the body line ... It was definitely over volumed S curved ... ( artificial ? )

And all that happy smiles on her pretty young face ...

Me were so much flushed , and wanted to play a piano ,
but me had to keep my position that was asked (or semi-ordered ? ) by Admiral and Captains .

Now ,
only memories about the college time comrade "Xur" and the exotic noble girl left in me , no photograph
or sketched portrait / profile , but what me could remember is the freckles on both upper cheeks ,
and dimples on both lower cheeks ...

There were definite racial differences between the girls whom me mentioned above ,
but in my recall , they are one ... one pretty women (and socio-economic status were also different) .

( Me now sometimes wear made in New City "cubic zirkonia ? " necklace to remember them ,
although it were not given by them , frankly speeking ... )

The political situation of the one of the outskirt area of Rallehuu Galaxy were complexity itself .
At least 4 major planets were competed each other , and sometimes heavy competition
eventually become into conflict or regionally restricted war .

The 3 of 4 major powers had enough flottilar to destroy each other , and
it was one of the major international issue between Rallehuu people .

( 1 of 4 major local power just only had space crafts without ships ,
and the crafts that could only reach less than 25 % of the entire Rallehuu Galaxy )

Me heard this story also from the early 30's Lady ,
whom wear the reflectable sunglass and looks like having too much black ambitions in her deep inside ...

... See you all sooner or later ... ( Me hope May , 2008 !!! ) ... ^o^ ...


WiCdr 4-11 ... Hobbes the Sincerity ...

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good to see you all again !

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-11 ... Hobbes the Sincerity ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Halfway to Hahn-Haan planet-Y , outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // flied en route to hh-planet-Y ...

Because many dictators of 3 rd hh-planet didn't wanted our ship to harbor at
one of the Orbital Ports , so we had no other choice but to skip this planet and head to
the nearest Rallehuu planet , but me could not tell you the actual official name of that planet .

Anyway , me would call that planet as hh-planet-Y ...

Most of crews including me couldn't understand why 3 rd hh-planet refused us ,
but one thing is certain that many of 150 ships that consisting flottilar had remarked logos ,
it looked somewhat indefinite , so we assumed that at least 25 % of ships are originally
not from the hh-planet-Y ... But , where are they from ? ...

Whatever , what ever ,
Cpt "Violet" , (junior) Cpt "Purple" , and me had some time for off duty like many other navies ,
so we went to the Diorama Studio hall for contact with professor and retired navy aviator "Hobbes" ...

At the center of the hall , there were
the scaled plastic model of one of the prototype future cosmo vessel ... the SQ X-103 ...

Her outerlook ... much like aerodynamic wedge shaped ,
so me could assume that she maybe also has atmosphere fly capability ...

Majorly whitish , with some silver ash gray colors and stripes ,
Cpt "Purple" mentioned that feels like solidified lump of Inuit's cigarette smoke in cold temperature ...

That might be different from clear ice (me love clear ice ...^o^...) , dry ice and so on ,
but in my point of look , and maybe also view(point ?) from Cpt "Purple" ,
it should be all the same ... cold solid stuffs ...

Just after Cpt "Violet" touchs the model of SQ X-103 ,
hologram of Prof "Hobbes" illustrated from the whitish wedge , and it was feeled like definitely a
hypercosmo hypertime connection .

" MMMoooOOOmmmOOOooo ~~~ " ... ... ...

Me were so much astonished , but captains were not startled about this ,
and started to ask somethings to Prof "Hobbes" ...

Prof "Hobbes" himself didn't in traditional ceremony costume of Kilrathi ,
he was in semiformal business suit just same as that of Terran or Rallehuu's ,
herringbone jacket outside and argyle tartan sweater inside ...

Who are the behind of the attack to Earth 15 , me asked , but only silence ...

Captains asked about 7 ~ 8 questions to him , but only black nebular ? increases .
Might be no one really knows which political party or group behind this intra Galactic conflicts ...

Why does duration of confrontation at this outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy so long ?

In me opinion ,
maybe because these region is one of the pathway of some of the 9 (major ? ) Kilrathi Fleets ,
and many people already acknowledges that 2 of 9 Fleet has more than 1,000 years of confrontation ...

Blood is always thicker than other ,
but also because humans and Kilrathi (sorry... all just SiFi... remember Chewi tribe... )
all thought like that , same breed conflicts last the longest ...

... See you all sooner or later ...


WiCdr 4-12 ... Discotheque Lyyne ... part I ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again !

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-12 ... Discotheque Lyyne ... part I ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Neo City , Hahn-Haan planet-Y , outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // and her crew had to visit hh-planet-Y due to foreign affairs .
The "Blue Tigers" squadron already returned to their home base .

After docked to one of planet's orbital ports , we welcomed public officers arrived before us .
They were all late 20's to early 30's women , and all in pretty and cute faces and outerlooks .

First , the Lady "Demiany" ...

Ethnic - mixed breed Arian ? , Height - 1.70 meter , Body Shape - glamor ,
Charm Point - always smile , Outerlook - Basic 3 pieces suit with too many accessories
Hair Style - pony tail

Second , the Lady "Sckeeke" ...

Ethnic - mixed breed Turkish ? , Height - 1.75 meter , Body Shape - slender ,
Charm Point - subtropic color makeup , Outerlook - blouse & blue denim
Hair Style - Paralike dyed & waved ?

Third , the Lady "Kattie" ...

Ethnic - Rallehuu >> ... ? ... , Height - 1.65 meter , Body Shape - medium ,
Charm Point - jacket & maxi skirt , Outerlook - too expensive costume and jewels ,
Hair Style - straight permanent on shoulder

Fourth , the Lady "Enkko" ...

Ethnic - ... ??? ... , Height - 1.675 meter , Body Shape - definite S ,
Charm Point - subtropic skin color with pinkish lip makeup , Outerlook - tropical shirt & white denim ,
Hair Style - too complex ... dyed and waved ...

Fifth , the Lady "DeepRed" ...

Ethnic - ... ??? ... , Height - 1.675 meter , Body Shape - definite S ,
Charm Point - subtropic skin color with pinkish lip makeup , Outerlook - A line twopiece ,
Hair Style - too complex ... dyed and waved ...

Anyway , all women were much too great ... @o@ ...
The 5 women and half of crews altogether onboard the commercial shuttle ,
and soon it arrived on the Neo City on subtropic region of hh-planet-Y .

The city itself were almost same as the famous New City of Kilrathi , like
many many sky scrapers and busy looking streets .

We all checked in same 4 stars hotel , except admiral "Sun Bee" and Lt Col "Manic" .
They were invited by planet's government and amybe moved to 5 stars hotel .

After the official welcoming tea & cocktail party ,
the Ladies and we gathered at floor's lounge and think about what we would do at leftover times .

It was already over 8 PM ,
and the Ladies and we finally decided to go to famous Discotheque , "Lyyne" .

When we arrived at the front gate by hotel's service bus ,
many many cars were in the waiting line and crowded with too many avant garde outer looking people .

After we entered the disco club ,
the crews and me were very much astonished at the sight ... with too many lights ...

We were at 2 nd floor , one of the booth area , and it was good to see the main stage .
Me didn't know what to do ... because me had not been to this kind of facility when me were in university .

Soon after ,
many girls ( between 19 ~ 23 ? ) and young women ( 28 ~ 32 ? ) dashed and asked that they could dance with us .
Me were in flush and shy , and more than half of accompaniers were just same as my condition ...

Me already drink liquor with ice more than 3 cups ,
and the Lady "Deepred" wanted to dance with me ... but at first , me refused .
But Captain "Violet" and Cpt "Purple" pushed me , so me go to stage with her .

Just after arrived at the main stage , back music were changed into rhythm and blues ,
and the Lady "Deepred" wanted dance like other couples on stage .

Her both cheeks were in scarlet flush ,
Over her shoulder , many lights were glowing like super novas ... ... ...

... See you all sooner or later ... *^o^* ...


WiCdr 4-13 ... Discotheque Lyyne ... part II ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again !

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-13 ... Discotheque Lyyne ... part I ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Neo City , Hahn-Haan planet-Y , outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // and her crew had to visit hh-planet-Y due to foreign affairs .

Umm ...
Maybe too much alcohol than usual in Pub cottages & Beer houses ...
Me found that myself in a convertable sports (purpose) car which has super ? class (or level ? ) PowerTrain .

Lady "DeepRed" smiled and said that we were in a internal circumferential ? highway of Neo City .
She wore trendy feeling sunglass and lily white blouson , in a driveseat of expensive lent-i-car .
She gave me a coffee in a takeout cup , and said that she already drank half .

Anyway , there were many toll gates on that highway , and maybe that reason ,
almost all the cars around us were at least Luxuary level , and some were Prestige .

She said there are another InterGalactic Sized city nearby ,
but the standard of lifestyle itself are very much so different from that in Neo City .

She was just another Gaizu (= foreign born and short or long term residence ) ,
but she seems to know lots of domestic customs of hh-planet-Y .

She said that this planet has unstable geological conditions , such as many volcanos and magma cracks .
In that reason , many many citizens eager to emigrate to other StarSystems or Galaxies .

But , it couldn't be happen ,
other planet dwellers usually don't want that and more than half of Rallehuu do not like them .
Even Kilrathi have been almost always rejected mass immigration of them .

Me asked her for some analgesics against headache ,
and she gave some whitish pills for me and turn on the satellite (capability) radio .

She were in worry , and her eyebrow continuously moved .
The radio said unhappy news , one of them were not returning of one of Kilrathi's Squadron to their planet .

Over 100 years , there always were Kilrathi Squadron consists of 1 CosmoCarrier and 4 CosmoEscorts .
And sometimes 2 or more squadrons , and very few occasions entire Fleet (Allied or InterTribe ? ) .

Now they moved to one of the StarSystems of Nesia Galaxy .
She said that it happened more than a year ago .

As me were in Terran bureau of my spaceship building company since 3 years ago ,
so many Rallehuu and nearby star system related news were unfamiliar than it had to be .

We arrived at the 24 hour Coffee and Tea house with neon lights title with steel decorations .
It was a many many neon lights decorated 2 story house with balcony and has big parkinglot .

Lady "DeepRed" and me headed to the back yard , and there were small garden with some trees .
We sat on a wooden and steel bench under the halogen side(walk) ? light .

At that (too important) moment (of personal life) ,
my headache became migraine , and me had to lie on her shoulder ... ToT ...
( And sometimes male should regulate the speed , my friend "Heink" once said ... )

Anyway , stars were so beautiful between night clouds ,
and we could watch the Nesia Galaxy very clearly and definitely ...

... See you all sooner or later ...


WiCdr 4-14 ... Belief and Faith ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again !

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-14 ... Belief and Faith ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Orbit of hh-planet-Y , outskirt of Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // and her crews were flied on the one of orbits around hh-planet-Y ...

When the short vacation ... sorry , foreign mission was over ,
we should depart from the Gaizu Ladies , and return to our ship on the orbital port .

Lady "DeepRed" would also back to her routine job with workstations .
She gave me necklace with artificial deep green diamond .
Ofcourse me not the "Tristram" , but in my viewpoint , she feels much like "Iseult" ...

( ... Might be , Franc people once called British Islands just as "Island" ... It could be possible , isn't it ? ...
... Or ... Franc people regard Scandinavian Peninsula as another island ... ? ... )

At the meeting hall just beneath the armoured CIC (...^_^a...) ,
admiral "Sun Bee" tell us lots of surprising issues and assumable future missions and operations .

The situation in Issol Galaxy became more and more critical ,
so the Consortious of Terran Galaxy officially decided to send couple of squadrons .
And the foreign affairs were about those new policies of Terran Authorities .

They said that we should officially ask about space forces for backup and supply to hh-planet-Y ,
about 4 regular sized SpaceEscort ships and 8 to 10 smaller escorts ...

Between Terran Galaxy and Issol Galaxy ,
there located some star systems in continuous conflicts or in neutral ,
so Terran Fleet high commanders decided to send squadrons through longway , rather than shortcut .

Terran ,
and hh-planet-Y that isolated between Rallehuu and Nesia Galaxy ,
discussed about allied missions on recent too hot issues about Issol Galaxy ,
and almost all would be humanitarian and rescue operations on civilians .

Between Issol Galaxy and hh-planet-Y ,
there located another isolated and remote planet named Dieira planet .

Some of the Issol Galaxy planets have huge warfare capable SpaceShips ,
but most of them cannot reach to planet Dieira .

In nowadays , most of Cargo ships and vessels are unmanned ,
so they don't need any more Escort ships or vessels .

So ,
4 regular sized SpaceEscorts will escort our SpaceShip ,
and 8 to 10 escorts will stay at the planet Dieira for backup us ...

At the orbit of hh-planet-Y ,
now gathers the planet's most sophisticate warships ... and the scene was so spectacular ...

... See you all sooner or later ...
... No categorial discriminations between Chewi and Kilrathi ... !!! ...


WiCdr 4-15 ... Her brother Esteban ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again ! ... Another edit-it-yourself story block or module ...

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-15 ... Her brother Esteban ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Orbit of Dieira planet , in a star system between Issol and Merro Galaxy ...

// TCS Muskette // and her crews flied with 4 Uyabunn & 8 Goepun class escorts ...

When me went to the living area of prestige level guestroom for gave something from "Manic" ,
me heard some tunes of classic guitar played by "Xur" , it was old time Espana lyric .

Although she was not Iberian ( no one in nowadays don't remember the exact location of the 1 st Earth ) ,
and me cannot racialize or (sub)categorize the ethnic of her .
( She always think herself as one of the Arian race )

With her , 1 st Lieutenant "Esteban" was also in tuning of his guitar .
They were sister and brother in law , maybe adopted to hh-planet-Y ? ...
"Esteban" played a seldom heard lyric for me as a routine .

Anyway ,
1 st Ltn "Esteban" now has citizenship of one of the Terran Countries ,
but "Xur" didn't change her identifications yet .

Support men for "Xur" maybe too rich , so she seems doesn't worry about her daily life .
She just another 19 years old prestige socioeconomic class pretty girl .
( Her social status ? ... Umm ... Much like witch girl character in movie "To Live and let Die" ... ??? ... )

Lt Col "Bouleux" , one of the skippers of the 4 Uyabunn class space escorts ,
allowed her to get along with us , might be she already give oracles that she recieved ,
and the silence level communicating protection doesn't needed yet .

When the allied squadron docked to one of the planet's orbital ports ,
many of the crews landed the planet with space shuttles .

The local commander welcomed us ,
he said the planet first explored by one of nine Kilrathi Fleets , but in nowadays ,
Terran garrison were also there because of important location .

Admiral "Sun Bee" said that 8 Goepun class escorts and more than 100
[ tsc-15 Talon ] space crafts will left to defend the isolated and remote planet .

The Geopun squadron leader was once retired Major ,
and outerlook was much like old professor , call sign "Gajik" ...

Lt Col "Fogel" ( rather than Vogel ... ^o^ ... ) was the leader of over 100 tsc-15s ,
he was slender faced handsome man with tall height .
And Major "Seikie" was his usual wingman , a man with shoulder-long hair .

After the briefing , the crews of allied squadron started to move the tsc-15 s
from the Cargo ships on the orbital port to surface of the craft fields close to Terran garrison .

Many crews had some extra time ,
so the shell sand beach nearby the craft fields were crowded by swim suit peoples .

Me had good chance ? to watch close "Xur" in swimsuit & salong again ,
and she reminds me my college time memories with another girl .

cf > Over 4 million ton carrier Muskette's cosmocrafts at that time ...

[ tsc-26 JMP Jack Mk-2 ] --- 8 active + 2 reserved --- (only has the cockpit)

[ tsc-06 Condorr ] --- more than 30 active --- (also escape pod)

[ tsc-41 Queeke ] --- OO active

[ tss-75 Hwuerun ] --- OO active (also escape space shuttle)

... See you all sooner or later ...


WiCdr 4-16 ... The Duels in the Kilrathi history ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again ! ... Another edit-it-yourself story block or module ...

... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-16 ... The Duels in the Kilrathi history ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Citadel on Dieira planet , in a star system btw Issol and Merro Galaxy ...

Crews of // TCS Muskette // had short intermission rest at seaside resorts nearby Citadel ...

On the white seashell sand beach ,
under the blue & white Riviera style printed parasol , me had some relaxation with tropical drinks .

Cpt "Violet" came in front of me , with his blonder hair in sea breeze .
( Very close to the colors of Hyde , but me didn't ever said that to him ... )
He wore Nesia style shirt and asked me about what is the book me read now .

It was about Kilrathi mythologies and cosmos voyages .
At the begining of history , most of Kilrathi were pastoral nomads .
And soon after commerce with Issolian caravans , they realized lots of space voyages .

The conflicts between Issolian and Kilrathi started because of money ,
just like so many other conflicts in this universe ...

The Issolian had more curiosities and assumptions , and Kilrathi were more good at mathematics and architectures .
At first , the space cargo ships were concepted by Issolian , but they had to hire Kilrathi
because of their good skills , and they finally found the route to Atlion Galaxy ...

During those explorations , many earth like planets in Issol Galaxy had drought ,
because of universal weather changes due to unknown reasons ...
And moreover , there existed the Tyrant Emperors elected and chose by themselves ...

Kilrathi nomads wanted to overcome the evil galactic empire ,
but they had to struggle so many years after ...

Many Issolians choose emigration to Atlion Galaxy , and they settled on distant planets .
But the Kilrathi also had to runaway from the Issol galaxy ,
because they usually outnumbered by the Emipre's Guards & Troopers .

Anyway ( many books saids differently ... ) ,
after almost all of the Issol Galaxy submitted to the evil Empire ,
the technologies about shipbuildings and almost all architects were also belonged to the Empire .

So , the beginning of the 9 huge Kilrathi Cosmo Fleets were by the Tyrant regime ,
and many parts were involved by Issolians ...

Me marked at that chapter and closed the book .
Cpt "Violet" were somewhat startled about my reading genre , universal histories .
He asked to me to be a part of beach volley ball games .

He also assumed about why we very seldom encounter with Kilrathi Cosmo Vessels in nowadays ,
and his guess was that there may be another Duel between Fleets or Squadrons .

But, almost no one could approach to the fact and reality
because Kilrathi vessels are usually voyage in very deep cosmos ...

It was time to sunset , and skies were filled with cherry pink clouds ,
and the seashell sand shores were also in scarlet purple colors ...

Some crews already started to setup BBQ fireplaces ,
and at the hilltop nearby , there were "Xur" ( the witch ? ) in her white and silver striped A-line twopiece in sea winds ...

... See you all sooner or later ... ^o^ ...


WiCdr 4-17 ... Battle Ship Synbaad ... part I ...

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... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-17 ... Battle Ship Synbaad ... part I ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Citadel on Dieira planet , in a star system btw Issol and Merro Galaxy ...

Crews of // TCS Muskette // had short intermission rest at seaside resorts nearby Citadel ...

Me had another call from Admiral "Sun Bee" .
When me entered the room , there were 4 men , also including
Garrison commander Col "Piers" , Lt Col "Manic" , and Cpt "Violet" in their White Formal Uniform Suit .

( Only "Manic" is Maple or Tulip red haired , and others are Blond ... in somewhat bright lights ... )

Me were in Usual Uniform for Civilians , but they didn't mattered about the differences .
Cpt "Violet" asked me to sit down .

Admiral said that tomorrow there will be scheduled visitors from some Guild (like) Association
in some star system including 8 planets in Issol galaxy .

Garrison commander Col "Piers" showed me the 3-D hologram of the Battle Ship Synbaad .
Me liked her too much , so finally Garrison Leader gave me the holo gadget .

Lt Col "Manic" asked me about the Noon Dinner , and me recommanded "Xur" (the witch) .
All Officers regard this as a really suitable plan , but will she surely agree with us ? ...

Me went to the one of the central towers of the modified Vauban style Citadel the Lille .
From here , me could see very clearly about the drill field , shuttle ports , barracks ,
big cannons , ravelins , demilunes , outer trenches , and so on ...

In the sky , there were many many summer clouds ...

... See you all sooner or later ...


WiCdr 4-18 ... Do you know ? ...

[ Q-1 ] Which is not one of the Iowa Class Capitol Vessels ?

1. Iowa 2. New Jersey 3. Missouri 4. Wisconsin 5. Intrepid

[ Q-2 ] Which Capitol Vessel had fight against CV Bismarck during WWII ?

1. King George V 2. Prince of Wales 3. Duke of York 4. Anson 5. Howe

[ Q-3 ] Which Capitol Vessel were lost by Submarine during WWII ?

1. Queen Elizabeth 2. Warspite 3. Barham 4. Valiant 5. Malaya

[ Q-4 ] Which Capitol Vessel were lost by Submarine during WWII ?

1. Royal Oak 2. Resolution 3. Royal Sovereign 4. Revenge 5. Ramillies


WiCdr 4-19 ... Battle Ship Synbaad ... part II ...

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... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-19 ... Battle Ship Synbaad ... part II ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Citadel on Dieira planet , in a star system btw Issol and Merro Galaxy ...

Crews of // TCS Muskette // had short intermission rest at seaside resort nearby Citadel Lille ...
And aviators and crews from planet-Y were also had rest in same resort with us ...

In the lagoons nearby , there were all kinds of subtropical sea fishs .
And fishing was one of the relaxations for crews and aviators of our allied squadron .

The crews of BS Synbaad arrived at our Citadel ,
and the noon banquet begun ...

Miss Xur were in the cooking hall with some members of SpaceCarrier Muskette ,
like Cpt "Violet" , Cpt "Purple" , Ltn "Esteban" and me .

What was worried both Issolians and Terrans about was almost same ,
newly developed sloop with condensed nuclear engines .

The operation capable time of previous sloops are usually short ,
but with those newly equipped engines their attack range will increase just like
our usual SpaceCarriers and SpaceEscorts with nuclear fusion engines .

She was the only Battle Ship they ( some 8 planets in Issol galaxy ) had ,
but they lend us with their sincerity .

Another Terran CosmoCarrier named "Spirit of Franc" will arrive here soon ,
and she and 12 Escorts from planet-Y will defend the Trade Route from
possible threats from Sloops belong to Border Planets .

As many of Issol galaxy planets were located near from Pernium rich sites ,
and the Pernium was used very widely for energe source in many galaxies in the universe .

Few days later after they turned back to Issol galaxy by shuttle ,
we should onboard the Battle Ship and navigate to planet-Y .

At the orbital port , there were huge elliptical ship in over 10 million tons ,
with 4 turrets on upper side and other 4 turrets on beneath side .
Each turret had 2 cannons at the front side .

Our shuttle landed at the airlock of the Synbaad .
What would happen to us in future ? ...

... See you all sooner or later ...


WiCdr 4-20 ... Sieged planet H ... part I ...

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... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-20 ... Sieged planet H ... part I ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... En route to planet-H , just near the Rallehuu Galaxy ...

// BS Synbaad // and her crews were flied to U-Y strait , and final destination were planet-H ...
Although she was not // Muskette // or // Spirit of Franc // what we left behind at Dieira planet ,
but everybody soon accustomed to this most up to date Battle Ship .

At that time , planet-Y were politically divided into several groups , just like planet-U ,
and their foreign relations were different group by group .

The crews of 12 Escort Ships were almost neutrals in politics .
But many of the pilots who were in charge of 100 "tsc-115 Talon" were sons or grandsons of
political and jaibul (= huge company ) group leaders at planet-Y .

Some of their background were close to leaders in Issol Galaxy ,
but at the same time , many were in the opposition against them .

But we didn't worry much .
There were over 500 "tsc-15 Eagle" and her aviators also reside at Dieira planet simutaneously .
And 2 Carriers had another 15 ~ 20 manned CosmoCrafts each .

What was mostly concerned about by Terran military high commanders was
some parties of planet-U and planet-Y join together and send a Combined Fleet to siege the planet-H .

Planet-H were geologically located very close to Rallehuu Galaxy ,
and their economic growth seemed to threat to both planet U and Y leaders .
The Ethnic and Culture of planet H and U were close , but their politics were much different .

In the view point of Terran businessmans and investors ,
to go to planet-H , they must pass the U-Y strait between planet-U and planet-Y .

Although this was not the first time that combined Fleet from planet U and Y
close the strait and siege the planet-H , but this time it was much severe than before .

My employer was Mr Stan ( from northern star system in Terran Galaxy ) ,
and he send the message to me about Cargo Ship loss by the evil combind Fleet .

Mr Stan's younger brother was CEO ( and also owned over 51 % of company's stocks ) of
maritime trade company .
Typan (= Big Merchant ) and his company were in great trouble .

But ...
Could this Battle Ship and less than 50 men handle the situation ?

Moreover ,
what would be Ms Uoddo Kimmi's evil plan and final purpose ? ...

... See you all sooner or later ...


WiCdr 4-21 ... An old Rallehuu story ...

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... TITLE ... WingCommander 4-21 ... An old Rallehuu story ...

... year AD 2XX7 ... May ... Orbital Port of planet-F at outer region of Rallehuu galaxy...

// BS Synbaad // and her crews were in flight to U-Y strait , and final destination were planet-H .
And now we just arrived at planet-F , the most outer planet of Rallehuu galaxy ...

The Formosa ( ^o^a ) city was so much modernized , and there were many tall buildings .
It was harbor city and has many beautiful white shell sand seashores .
The climate was somewhat cooler than subtropic .

The authorities of planet-F allowed us to stay around 72 hours .
Because the most close planet of Rallehuu from planet-Y was planet-F , so they were
somewhat nervous not to be involved in presumptive conflicts between planet H , U , and Y .

At first day , half of BS Synbaad crews who were off duty visited famous traditional restaurant
located near one of the central commercial areas of Formosa city .

We all astonished by the menu and amount of the high quality cuisine .
The modern Rallehuu style interior was also fabulous and twinkling .

When me was a high school student , me read some Rallehuu classic literatures ,
and "Sanguo chronicle" was one of them , and it was very famous to peoples in other galaxies .

And now me remember some chaptors , maybe due to
the similar situation compared to that of nowadays problems between planet F , H , U , Y .

Lord Liu was Mandarin of one of the regions at center of the Rallehuu galaxy .
He was one of the 3 Mandarines of clan name Liu , and at that time ,
all 10 districts was almost independant .

There were frequent quarrel between the districts governed by Liu and another Mandarine Soun .
It started so long ago , and descendants of both clan had no other choice but to maintain fleets .

One day , there were big battle between fleets , and both had serious damages .
Who got advantage was another Mandarine , and both Liu and Soun also regret but it was too late .

... see you all sooner or later ...