White Space????


I downloaded and started playing Privateer Gemeni Gold Beta I downloaded the game and installed it... then later found a link in this forum to an update. version 1.2 link is..... http://wcuniverse.sourceforge.net/downloads.htm
I hadn't jumped before the update but alas... today I found I could afford a jump drive and went on a mission and all the other galaxies had white space with black spots. Now I can't actually believe that this is correct, so either I have done something horribly wrong, (i.e. downloaded the wrong update because now I see there are two different remakes and I am wondering how close the software is.) or if there is a problem? the only plus so far is that flying through an asteroid feild is easy when they are black on white :)


You used the patch for "Privateer Remake" to patch "Privateer Gemini Gold"
That's a big nono ;-)
on http://priv.solsector.net/files.htm you can dl version 1.0 of "Gemini Gold" but there's no patch to update your Beta to 1.0
EDIT : "Privateer Gemini Gold" is an exact reproduction of the original game with no extra content.
"Privateer Remake" has some extras like more flyable ships


okay, so basically I overwrite my existing game with the gold : ) got it... are the saves compatible with the remake? sounds like I might like it.


Saves from 1.0 1.2 and gold are all compatible.

make sure you don't overwrite gold with the 1.2 patch--that will break it...gold is a separate game with its own full installer but no patching utils