Which WC game has the best music?

Bob McDob

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If it's an option...Privateer, ands down I LOVE that music and would pay vastly inflated prices. :) Although I must admit, I'm totally devoted to WC music from EVERY game, bar none. For me, WC had the best music ever with the possible exception of Mechwarrior 2.


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Preach it brother lol
WC's music has always been right with the mood.
No matter what has happened.
From dark and gritty to exciting :)


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Every WC has great music. Just wait till Mad Hatter pops in...

[Say, what's happening with the music petition?]

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Wc1/2 music made the most impression on me. The music when you run to your ship, the music when you get the Gold Star, the victory music in WC2, the Confed tune in Wc2 and best of all the Kilrathi tune in WC2!
The simulator music from WCP was cool, too.
But it's true, every part had great music. But the WC3/4 music was not so impressive, IMHO.

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Nep Parth

Prophecy had the best music by far. Hearing rock music while cruising in the cockpit was great. I just typed "moretunes" and just let it fly to the next waypoint...no autopilot for me...


- WC3
- WC2 (haaaa, The Kilrathi tune :) !!!)
- WC1 (very impressing in 1990. The first game using my good old Sound Blaster 1.5)
- WC4
- priv1
- priv2
- Propecy (I find the intro OK, but I don't like the inflight tunes.)


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I bought the CD of the Prophecy Soundtrack, and I was quite happy with it. So were all my friends, even tho none of them play WC! So much so that one of them stole it :(
But I find the music dosen't fit well with flying around smashing things!
Just my opinion tho ;)


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Hehehe, I just listen to the midi's :)
Can't find too many mp3's out there now that Napster's file screener is accually semi-working