which game(beside WC) would you like to have a sequel?


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TheRedDuke said:
A company called The Learning Company released Orgegon Trail 3 a few years back, so your wishes have been fufilled!!

Just don't die of scurvy.

I used to waste so much time on that game...I mean who didn't love to go hunting and blow away like 10 buffalo knowing full well you couldn't carry back all the meat...and typhoid used to always get most of my people


Dundradal said:
I mean who didn't love to go hunting and blow away like 10 buffalo knowing full well you couldn't carry back all the meat

mmm...buffalo meat.

I don't think I ever acutally completed the game. If my family didn't die of disease or in an Indian attack, they drowned when I tried to float our wagon across a river.

"The wagon tipped over while floating. You lose:
-1 Wagon Wheel
-420 pounds of food
-Jim-Bob (drowned)"


How bout another Final Fantasty....

Oh wait, you're being serious.....
Well, I could go for another Classic Mega Man, Another Tachyon, Maybe a PROPERLY MADE Deus Ex 2, and most definitely a Tiberium Twilight! EA had better at least let us proper C&C fans see how it all ended!


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Please, no more Final Fantasy. Yuck!

I would also like to see another Elder Scrolls. And also:
Lands of Lore 4
Diablo 3
Tex Murphy 5? Or 6?
That's all I can think of for now. While some games are best left to rest.


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I'd like a new Syndicate. The original was very cool, the add-on had not enough new stuff and was just insanely hard (though the multiplayer option was a cool thing, even though I never got it running very well) and I found Syndicate Wars the most disappointing sequel I experiences in my gaming life.


Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic 2 (well, coming soon??? )

Enclave 2

Dune - The Desertplanet 2

Neverwinter Nights 2

Anachrochox 2


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Shipgate said:
Yes I remember Syndicate. That was a really fun game! I wish they'd make a sequel to that too.

They did: Syndicate Wars. But even though it had some nice features I didn't like it all, especially the graphic was not not my style. I only got the censored German version, that added to my disliking too.


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American Revolt was nigh impossible

Syndicate Wars had a lot of fantastic ideas and a lot of them worked - the big problem was that the graphics engine just sucked hard.


While it's not a new Syndicate game, the original is being remade for PS2, Xbox, and PC apparently: http://spong.com/detail/news.asp?prid=6217

As for sequels I'd like to see, other than Wing Commander. I'm not sure. I don't really play games much.

I definately wanted to see Sam & Max 2, and I'd also like to see a (nicely written) Ultima game.