Where to get WCU files


Did you update the weapons xml, Spirit? I'm asking because I see the same date on those files as when I downloaded them earlier, and had the crash.
The fixed weapons xml is at http://spiritplumber.dynip.com/weapon_list.xml I did modify it in a bad way while adding the milspec torpedos, sorry.

Update as far as file locations go:


This was done because rar gives better compression, plus I got off my @$$ and wrote an auto updater. These two will be updated once every day around midnight central time. CVS is still being used of course.
doesn't matter :)

btw, sorry for not uploading yet... i'm trying to do all the ships so that people who update the -data file won't have to for a good while...


What exactly do those 3 files do?
That "bz2lan.exe" file is a bit large for my DUN.
Are all 3 files required to run WCU?
And what EXACTLY is WCU?
(I've heard that it's similar to the Freelancer mod, "Privateer: The Reckoning," in that it adds more Wing Commander ships into the Privateer Universe?)

While I'm a HUGE Privateer fan, my work on the Freelancer mod, "Privateer: The Reckoning" has given me a greater appreciation of the overall Wing Commander Universe/Experience.
BZ2LAN is something else entirely :) don't worry. The other two files are required. WCU adds all the wing commander universe and most of the wing commander ships to privateer, and lets you fly some of them.


What files do I need

I see the following files in the FTP


Which ones do I download ?

Some have .BAT files, do I need to execute them?

are wcu

wcu-ships is a repository of scavenged wc ships from various sources, those were sent to me and i put them on the server just in case. the bz2 stuff is for bz2lan. the screenies are screnshots. the big exe is priv remake 1.0 which i am mirroring.


I downloaded the zip files on the 21st, but there are rar files from the 22nd up, now.
Any difference between them?


Sounds great!

BTW-I ran it with the files I have, and it's not bad!
I like the Higher frame rates I'm getting.
(75-115 compared to the 25-37 with the Remake.)

I also love the increased size of the landing zones.
(Refineries are hard to land at in Remake.)

I did some hacking, and tried several of the other confed ships that are in WCU.
The Ferret is a blast, fun, and fast, but it looks like the player isn't supposed to get it.
The Banshee is my favorite of the bunch, but again, it looks like the player isn't supposed to get it.
The Arrow wasn't to bad, but it looks like the player isn't supposed to get it, either.
The Vindicator looks like a slow version of the Centurion, but it's still nice!
(By "it looks like the player isn't supposed to get it" I mean that I couldn't find an upgradable version.)

I do have a question, though, WTF is a Utility Pod for?
I don't recall ever hearing of it before, and it seems albeit useless, to me.

So, what ARE those 20 new ships?
Bearcat? Hellcat? Dragon? Excalibur? Thunderbolt?
(Always got bugged about the first four of those when I was working on "The Reckoning.")

Oh, and one more thing:
What about a printable map, or can you point me to the one you're using?
I've got a copy of the Gemini Sector, but there are other systems in WCU.


Well, I WAS looking for what's been implemented.
I read in another thread that the goal is to eventually have everything in, but that's a way's off.
A printable map allows one to plan missions ahead, and to decide which missions will lead you to where you want to go.
(It's always more fun to get paid to take a trip, than to waste your time on a complete unknown.)