What would you want from Wing Commander Remasters?


What about i18n? Wish there is an easy way to support certain kind of translation files.

I don't really have time to implement a new system, but there are at least two ways of implementing languages not supported by the original game. If you'd be interested in adding a support for other languages then drop me a PM.


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Ideally I would like the multiplayer to behave similarly to Xwing vs TIE. A stand alone set of missions/campaigns that would un-tether us from having to build coop code in the game. That way you can play them either in a coop mode or in PVP mode depending on where you slot players. That's a taller order than simply allowing another player to drop into your existing campaign, but I think it would be a more fulfilling experience. Of course, that means I have to make a crap ton of cockpits...forget I said anything... ;)


EmuMusicFan has offered to do a Chinese translation; it won't be useable for a while but here is the file anyone would need to add custom language support. It would mean using the same subtitle timing as the english version which may not be ideal, but if anyone wants to add any other languages I'll make sure they are available when the project is finally done.
Just replace the english text with your chosen language and pass it on. Later on we can set up an editable repo but this would let people start.


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