What will be my Fan Project... YOU DECIDE!


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Well, as a general rule, any time somebody asks you to choose a project for him, you can write it off right away.


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Well, no, there are people out there who work on multiple projects at once (heck, arguably all of us do - real-life employment may not be a fan project, but it sucks up time just the same) and get things done. But people who don't know what they want to be doing? Never :p.


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Yeah, what happened here is a perfect example of what we were trying to tell him all along.


Quite so, who honestly didn't see this one coming? There's been dozens of fan projects started up just exactly like this...and died just exactly like this...


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Create a short animated series

This reminds me of a German fellow who long ago started a project like this, with a hopeful introduction...and dissapeared...forever.

Create a Wing Commander FPS using Doom 2

This just mirrors a whole mesh of errors that Warner Bros did to Alien and Predator. (if you've seen the film - AVP)

Though in your case there are two different genres, heading for a collision course if such thing was to happen. Build a story that centers around a group of marines that breach a Kilrathi High Command or something.

Don't waste your time! You're a fool, Paragon! A FOOL!!!

You sounded quite up-beat about this whole thing before.


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Bringing back old threads is fine as long as you have a relevant question or something new to contribute.