What new features would you want in a hypothetical modern Wing Commander remake?

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    On the market, Myst hadn't sprung to mind. I do think that kind of experience right now would go to VR, but who knows in a few years? I can't claim to be swayed, I don't think that consumers buy into if you want *this and only this* kind of experience - but I also don't think that's interesting part of this conversation.

    As for the copy protection issue, you're absolutely correct, cloud gaming would improve things there significantly - but that's regardless of if we're talking about true streaming or a hybrid approach.
    A hybrid approach where the rendering is done user side, along with certain CPU tasks, but level data is streamed to you as needed, and NPCs, AI, distant physics, rebounded lighting etc are all calculated at another location would still maintain this advantage without incurring any of the disadvantages.

    It's a much more interesting direction to me at any rate. Take a really good destruction system, your cheap as chips i5 is cheerfully running at a solid 60, then you blow something up. Suddenly you're calculating stress points, determining where the object fractured, constructing new geometry, updating all your potential colliders, and for a brief period dealing with many times more collisions than on an average frame, very few of which are colliding with the player and their motion is deterministic. Those spikes on the cloud, ~100th of the time spent gaming are easily distributed, and any delay can be covered up by some well placed particle effects. Cloud processing won't be a tough sell, and still gets publishers the control they need.
    There's also no consumer resistance - first it's "for those on the classic PS4 you can still experience PS4 pro level GI by connecting to the cloud", then it's optional benefits on all systems and by the time you're streaming all the assets for the game (a plus for the consumer, saving valuable HD space) the change has slipped in naturally and unnoticed.
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