What kind of music you like to hear when you're playing?

My favourite game, as I said before, is Privateer. I love that game, except for the music wich becomes a little boring after a while, so I turn off it and I listen to my favourite records while I play. So I wonder, do other people do the same? And if they do, what kind of music do they prefer?

I have noticed that Fear Factory is a great soundtrack while I blow up Militia and Confed ships, Therion and Nightwish sounds great when I'm travelling, and Bad Religion works really good too. When I hear Sepultura I suddently have thought about blow up as many Militia as I could, and Tool or NIN makes me want to be a nice calmed boy most of the time.

What about you?
Depends on the mission to me. If it's a tough nut, I break out something dissonant like "Tocatta And Dreamscapes" by Elliot Goldenthal or the score to "Reign Of Fire". All of Michael Giacchino's "Medal Of Honor" music fits really well too.

If I'm just in the mood for fun, anything will do. The Cure is making its rounds in my collection again, as has David Bowie, The Church and Smashing Pumpkins.
Hmm ... I've been playing themes from Cowboy Bebop, as well as other kinds of jazz ... In general, I don't like anything with lyrics ... too distracting.
Im good listening to the WC music itself but if i were to change i would use some Jerry Goldsmith Scores for Star Trek Movies