What is Xbox Live Arcade?


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Since I didn't know I looked on the Xbox site and this is what I found:
Xbox Live® Arcade is the central destination for Xbox 360™ gamers to find, download, try, and buy smaller games on the Xbox 360 console. The Xbox Live Arcade offers a large catalog of fun, broad-appeal games that can be downloaded via Xbox Live.

Arcade is perfect for the hardcore gamer who's looking for bite-sized entertainment, or for a casual player looking to get into the game. The games offered in the Xbox Live Arcade come from a wide variety of genres, including puzzle games, retro arcade favorites, action games, card & board titles, and more. New games are released frequently on the Xbox Live Arcade, creating an ever-growing portfolio of titles for players to choose from each month.
http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/livearcade/default.htm (emphasis added)

Here are the Xbox Live Arcade games available

Sounds to me like the perfect place to reintroduce a classic franchise!
The most important thing to remember about XBLA is that it's just a store. It's a place where you spend money to buy games. What those games are and what they're like is not limited by the fact that the place you bought it is called "Arcade."

I've seen a lot of people throw that word around liberally like it's some kind of scarlet letter. (Why there should be anything wrong with being an arcade or arcade-style game in the first place makes no sense to me, but that's a different discussion.) XBLA games are not necessarily actually arcade games. I've bought and played several that wouldn't qualify.

Live Arcade is one of the coolest features of Xbox Live.
LOAF, I think putting the XBox FAQ in a sticky thread in this forum would be a good idea.

I could be wrong, but I suspect a large number of WC fans are mainly PC gamers to this day, so more questions are bound to appear...
Yeah, with the recently increased size limits, I hope EA & co. take advantage of it and make this game honkin' huge! Cramming 9 models, and all of their textures, plus whatever else, in to the game, in under 50 megs, was gonna take unheard of skills. But with the new 150MB limit, I'm excited to see what they do, and what they take advantage of!

whoops, yeah... 9 per side. Damn... this game is goin to be impressive, no matter how you look at it.

---So, side note (feel free to cut this in to a new thread) - how much does one have to pay to have their gamertag as an avatar? ;)

However, if you want to pay something, we won't object too strongly.

Or at least I won't. ;)