What do you guys think?


I'm going to be selling my wing commander collection on eBay soon (crazy, but I need the $) and I'm not sure how to group it. I've got: Kilrathi Saga, IV, Prophecy, Academy, Privateer 1 and 2, Armada, WCII Deluxe, WCIII, WCI PCGamer, WCIV DVD Version, and strategy guides for WC 3-Prophecy.

I'm not sure how I should group them. SHould I just lump them together, or should I put the cool stuff in one and the Kilrathi War in another?

What do you think?

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Originally posted by Lunatic
SHould I just lump them together, or should I put the cool stuff in one and the Kilrathi War in another?

Hehe, are you saying that Kilrathi Saga isn't classed as "cool stuff"?


"Hehe, are you saying that Kilrathi Saga isn't classed as "cool stuff"?"

HOW DARE YOU IMPLY KS IS NOT COOL!!! Heh, heh, just fooling. Actually, what I meant by Kilrati War was WC 1-3. Seriously, what do you think?


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The WC3 strategy guide...

which one is it?

Is it the Authorized Combat Guide, or the Ultimate Strategy guide, or the Origin Official guide? If it is the latter, is the CD-ROM included?

And how much would you sell WC4?



sell KS separately most definitely that should be worth more than everything else, then sell the rest, also separately, but give me the WCIV DVD :)


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TC's right... you'd certainly get more money out of it if you sold every item separately...

I'm interested in the WC3 guide myself... :)


Well, the thing is, I want to sell everything. I think I'll probably stick KS, 4, Propecy, Armada, Academy, privateers, guides together. FOllowed by 1-3 and 4 DVD.


If you want more money sell them separately specially the KS and others collectors stuff like the WCIV DVD


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Is it the official WC4 guide you have? 'cause I am really interested in that one.
And IMHO: I don't think that you will find many buyers for such a big package with KS, guides, 4 , WCP etc..., at least not for a reasonable price. Sell them seperately.


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The official WC4 guide is sweet... it has a short full colour photo album at the beginning (showing the plot)... and it's very well designed! :cool:


Well, I got the Official guides for 3-Prophecy. Unfortunately for u guys, I want to keep the WCIII Making Of CD, so I ain't gonna sell it. Maybe. Who knows?


Well, here comes the turnoff: KS has only 5 CD's and the flight guides; 4 has only the CD's, install guide, and background; Prophecy has box;armada is only CD w/ CD manual;academy is complete;privateer has only cd; privateer 2 has no box. Sheesh, this is what happens when u play the games. Ah, well.


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Originally posted by Mekt-Hakkikt
Say Lunatic, do you really only ship to North America? Or would you ship also to Europe if I asked very nicely? :)
Most people whose auctions bear the tag "Will only ship to United States", will also ship to Europe because in 99.99% of the cases buyer actually pays shipping...

So if you're willing to fork out an additional $6.00-20.00 (depends on the state, and whether the seller has a shipping card or not, apparently), nothing's preventing you to bid on the item... :)

It's always better to ask of course :), but don't think the item is off-limits to you if there's that "Will only ship to United States" tag...

In fact, for half of the items I purchased, I kindly asked the seller if he could ship abroad and... no problem... :)