What are the Union of Border Worlds major systems and etc

Hey all I maybe new to this site but I am a upstart mapper from Glasgow, Scotland. I got a question about the Border Worlds, what are there major systems, their fighters that they used in the Kilrathi War, and are there any famous people from the border worlds or fought in the border worlds?


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This link should get you started. The Union of Border Worlds systems are light green:https://www.wcnews.com/maps/

Keep in mind though that the union of border worlds and the "border worlds" aren't necessarily the same thing. Any frontier system is *a* border world. But the union didn't exist until a number of years after the kilrathi war ended. Before that they were part of confed. So they flew whatever ships confed flew. There were a number of characters in the games that are from systems in the border worlds.
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He's right. A number of systems and bases in Gemini are on the border, but very few if any of Gemini's worlds joined the UBW when it broke away in 2673, and the Firekkans similarly are not part of the Border Worlds, even though they're on the border between the humans and the Kilrathi.


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Also, regarding "who flew there," quite a few of the systems we fight in in wc1, 2, and 3 are in the borderworlds: Torgo, Kurasawa, Loki, and Dakota to name a few. Even the infamous Repleetah ends up part of the Union of Border Worlds.