Well crap...


I finally heard back from my job on whether I can go to Atlanta. It's taken them about a month and a half to say, "no." Talk about aggravating. Apparently they have an assignment for me over the middle of August and on into mid September so they can't let me off during that time. I'm pretty disappointed, I was hoping to get to meet everyone in person at Dragoncon. Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know. Next year in Jerusalem right?
Aww, that's too bad. Do you work Labor Day? If you get that Monday off, you can almost make the whole thing by taking off just the Friday and some of Thursday for travel. The company wouldn't take care of your costs that way though.
Yeah, it wouldn't be a problem on the cost it's getting off during my work assignment. Apparently this client is quite picky and wants me there every day while I'm assigned to them. I asked about just having Friday off and was rejected...time to start looking for a new job.