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Welcome to the Official chat zone of http://outlander.solsector.net/!

Have some thing you want to say about Outlander? The kind folks from the Wing Commander CIC graciously host outlander.solsector.net. This Sub-forum is hosted on their servers.

A few friendly reminders:
  • Please keep discussions about Outlander in the Outlander forum. New threads about or related to Outlander are invited - indeed encourages - in this forum.
  • If you have other topics that are not Outlander or Wing Commander please keep them in the off-topic forum. Keep in mind that the primary user base of Crius.net are Wing Commander fans.
  • Be nice, don’t troll, spam or flame, and follow the forum rules. Make sure you read them when you sign up. There’s not a lot of them. But the ones that are are there for a reason.
  • We highly recomend registering at the forums. Guest posting is enabled in the Outlander sub-forum, but that might change if this privilege is abused. Registering makes folowing conversations in threads easier and allows you to post to some of the other sub-forums including the off-topic zone.
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