Website update, July 17th


Mission programmer
Here is this week'snews update - time is running !

The countdown continues

Quite a bit of progress this week, most of it related to cutscenes. First up, I'm done rendering videos for the new Episode 1 & 2 cutscenes. All that's needed now is music for them.

Music is also still missing from several Episode 5 scenes, but we're not especially worried about that at this stage. Michael is working hard, he's just delivered the tracks for a few of those scenes. Mainly, he's working on the endgame scenes. He says, when he made the Episode 5 intro as grand as he did (and grand it is), he forgot he'd have to make the endgames even grander :-P. So yeah, we may end up waiting on some of the music until the very last minute, but it's ok. The other scenes are simple stuff, most of Michael's time will be spent on those endgames.

Other than that... I'm pushing on with the graphics stuff, Alex and Pierre are pushing on with... well, the graphics stuff as well, only on the code end ;-). And Quarto continues to go mad seeing all the new bug reports flowing in. Fortunately for him, Dundradal will be unable to test this next week. Wait... did I say 'fortunately'? Dund, we got a release to clean up, get back here! :-P

Oh, and Tempest is still doing nothing. Looks like he's planning to keep us waiting for those last remaining voiceovers until the last minute. He'll make the deadline, he always does - but he sure loves to keep us on the edge, the bastard. No wonder he plays Trigger in the game...


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
5 days...5200 miles and 16 states (and the District of Columbia) later...I'm back from my cross country trek...but yeah this week I'm SOL with a testing machine as my neighbor took a trip to Florida and won't be back till next week.