We Have the Kilrathi Theme in Our Heads Too (December 17, 2020)


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Guybrush_SF posted some fun scans magazine reviews for Wing Commander 2. These appear to be from the French magazine Tilt circa December 1991 or so. They're at least partly written by Jean-Loup Javanovic, who's still a big fan of the game all these years later! I don't speak French, but I love seeing the colorful vintage spread. If anyone can explain the scoring to me though, I'd appreciate it. The game appears to have gotten 6 out of 6 stars in graphics, cutscenes and sound for a total score of 19.

j'ai encore le thème Kilrathi dans la tête. Comment ça vous marque à vie... :D :p

I still have the Kilrathi theme in my head. How does it mark you for life ... :D :p

Original update published on December 17, 2020


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Grades in France are usually out of 20 in pretty much all academic environment, with 16+ considered to be excellent while 10 is the minimal "pass" note for various exams. The game got full marks on all categories but "only" 19/20 and not 20/20 because, and I translate:

"I would have put a 20, but I've been told it wouldn't have felt serious. The best current game, and I will accept no remark regarding that point!"

As for the other sections...
Type: Space combat
A mix of Star Trek and Galactica (for the ship handling).

It's possible to start this game in EGA. I didn't even have the courage to try. Superb!

The number and quality of the animated sequence are infinitely superior to the Wing Commander I ones. Battles are fluid, ships are varied and the zoom system used beats without problem the full-surface 3D simulators.

The music, present in the game from start to finish, is superb and enhanced with numerous sound effects (shots, explosions, impacts, boosters, etc.).


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Voted as game of the year by over half our readers, wing 2 literally crushes it's competition. An extraordinary game, it wins among others the "golden tilt" (Local award.) for best scenario. It benefits from many great fully animated and digitally voiced cutscenes (they emphasize that they are well directed). It also has excellent technical chops. It uses 2d zoomed sprites in real time. Something only a PC can do as of today. It is a showpiece of how the PC is a first class gaming system, as even those without pcs have voted for this as game of the year. Our readers are showing great critical thinking in doing so. The closes challenger to wing 2 , though very lagging behind, are good games too. In second place is Vroom(https://www.atarilegend.com/games/3132), a great game that was well polished for the ST. This is not surprising as it got the golden tilt too, for best sports game. Third place is croisiere pour un cadavre (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croisière_pour_un_cadavre)

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