WCU problems


Hi, I d/l and installed the WCU files as per instructions, and I'm experiencing CDTs.

Is there a way to "get it out" of my install, or is there a know remedy for it?
I'd rather keep it, because it adds to the general feeling, even if it doesn't conform
with what I remember of the original game.
After all, too many years have passed since those days!!! :-(

Thank you in advance
sebastian pons
Thank you Amaziq. I downloaded the new files and now it feels stable....till I hit a new
bump again :)
It was crashing entering a jump point, it usually did it at the second or third jump.

I'd be happy to Email files as you sugest, but I have no idea of what files are they, and where to find them!

Thank you again

sebastian pons
Last I heard, spiritplumber has left for a bit. Make sure you get the latest downloads, but I'm not sure who will do any patching for bugs in that release.