WCSO High Res patch

lemme say I did a quick search of the forum, but couldn't find anything.

I've attempted to download the High Res patch on two seperate occasions now, and both times the download has stopped early. When i try to open the folder, it said the file was corrupt and I should download it again. well, the first time I took the error at face value and tried twice more. Failing both times, I decided to give some time- thinking perhaps it was a natural bug that would randomly dissapear. I tried again today, and got the same series of errors.

any suggestions or comments?


I was going to try it, but don't want to have to try all three of them... which one are you trying to download?


Thats really strange. I just downloaded it from http://www.wcrevival.de/hcl/ and everything went well. Have you tried to download other files from that site? maybe there is something wrong with your browser and that site. Also deactivating background software might help. Besides that: No idea :(
EDIT: Ok, I only tried one of them.
Roger that. Am now attempting download from supplied link. Will let you know how it turns out ETA:27 minutes.

EDIT: didn't work. "File is invalid or corrupted"