WC's Legal, Baby! (September 26, 2008)


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It was eighteen years ago today that the original Wing Commander game shipped to stores. On that day, Origin set a benchmark that game companies continue to aspire to. Graphics standards, technology and methods of storytelling have changed dramatically, but the wonderful experiences presented by Wing Commander are just as powerful today as they were in 1990.

When we opened this site in 1998, it felt like we were a little late to the game and were stuck playing catch-up. Now we're extremely proud to say that we've been operating for the majority of Wing Commander's life. As evidenced by our current poll, many of you have also been here with us for much of this time. But whether you first arrived on the scene in 1996 or 2006, we encourage everyone to seek out new Wing Commander experiences and build on their favorite fandom. We might not get new games at the same pace as we did in the '90s, but we are blessed with a mind-boggling amount of material to enjoy. So if you've never done so, pick up a Wing Commander novel one of these days. Download the Academy cartoon show or find the exciting alternative 3DO version of Wing Commander 3.

Then after you've expanded your collection, don't forget to come back and share your adventure with everyone else. We'll be here waiting!

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Happy birthday to Wing Commander.

Hello to all the fans.

The worst part about Wing Commander is having read all the books and played all the games and not being able to revisit the first time you went through and met all those new and great characters.

So if you have not read one of the novels, or played one of the games (or their various ports and incarnations) then I urge you to do so, for us Wing Commander fans who cannot.

The first time through any of the books or games is a unique experience in it's own way, but the one thing all those experiences share is that they are positive & time well spent.

I really hope Wing Commander Arena (even though it is not my cup of tea) makes a wave to allow another single player Wing Commander to be born.

Other than that, happy... Wing Commander day?



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Here's to the game that started the best gaming series of (at least) my lifetime and that is tied for the 1st place of my all-time favourite game with its sequel!

I remember that wonderful christmas my elder brother got WC 1 as a present and how I sat next to him and watched him play all night long. (Well he played all night long, I went to bed at 4 am or something like that)

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My intro to Wing Commander was actually through Wing Commander III, but I do remember a few years ago being really excited to get to borrow a copy of Wing Commander and play through it in DOSBox. It finally filled in a lot of the stuff I'd been missing all these years.

Happy birthday Wing Commander! You're still amazingly fun today as you have been for the last 18 years!


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"One thing I love about High School. I keep getting older, but the girls stay the same age."

Looking good WC.

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I didn't realize yesterday was the 18th birthday at first, so I thought WC1 got released as freeware or something... :p. Funny enough, this girl who I hang out with ALSO turned 18 yesterday. Fun stuff.


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Wow, happy birthday, Wing Commander! Hard to imagine where we'd all be without it. It's a heck of a community that has sprouted up from that game.


In Canada, we could hit on Wing Commander two to four years ago. :cool: Hot.

Oh, and Happy belated b-day, Wing Commander. "How you doin'?"


Wing Commander was legal four years ago in Hawaii, but they're kind of sick there.

A german drinking song sais there is no beer on hawaii, so why go there?

But, is it okay for me to torrent down the 3do version of SWC?


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A german drinking song sais there is no beer on hawaii, so why go there?

But, is it okay for me to torrent down the 3do version of SWC?

Nope. Piracy is still piracy. The only WC game that is free to download is Secret ops if you get the episodes from the CIC.