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For those who want to lend a hand. I'm going to need screenshots coming up from a lot of different places as well as some fan-created stuff.

I've posted about SM1/2 Mission Trees that need to be created. Wedge posted PDFs that contain rough ones I'd just like some that mirror the WC1 tree and now I'm looking for a specific shot from WC4. When you arrive in Speradon you get to watch a video of Bearcats being assembled in a factory. I'd like shots of the inside of the production line.

If someone would like to grab them and then post them here I'd really appreciate it.

In the future this thread is where I'm going to post image requests for users to upload to help out.



Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Image: WC4 Initial Tolwyn-Blair Sequence - Shots of Vesuvius class being constructed outside HQ.


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Image: WC4 Initial Tolwyn-Blair Sequence - Shots of Vesuvius class being constructed outside HQ.
The Vesuvius in all her unfinished beauty.

EDIT: Didn't see that last post, sorry. I pulled them off Youtube. For some reason I couldn't get a screen of Queeg's WC4 movie.


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I'm trying to track down the logo for the Border Worlds Militia seen sporadically throughout WC4. I'm not talking of the patches worn on the soldiers' uniforms with the gold crest and stars, but there was this red and orange "sun"-shaped logo seen plastered on the walls of Intrepid and seen on the monitors after Wilford contacts Blair (something a friend pointed out). Does anyone know of this logo and where I can find a decent shot of it? I need it for the Militia article.

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I think the Bearcat Cutscene is missing in the DVD version. I remember looking a very long time for it.