WCP Video problem



First, I want apologize for my bad english, i'am just a french-man, but a great fan of the Wing commander Series.

I have the same problems like you about video playback, and i think, i've found a solution. I have a SB-Live and most of the users of creative cards have the same prob about Video-playback, so under win-98, i have desactivated my sb, and in the bios of my motherboard i have actived the onbord chipsound, i'll restart win-98, installed the drivers of the onboard card and rerun WCP, and the video playback was perfect.
I'hope this little solution will work for most of the users who have the same prob, like me.
Have a good fun on Wing Commander Prophecy.


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I think that I should Quote your solution in my stuck thread for WCProphecy.Thank you very much friend !