WCP : SO cannot launch


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I tried recently to play to the Secret Ops, for Prophecy, so I downloaded the starter pack from the CIC, re-installed WCP, and unzipped Secret Ops. It installed without problems (I don't know when I need to register, but I didn't have to, during the setup), but when I try to start the game, it shows me an error on the "instruction 0x004b23f9 which uses the memory adress 0x0007a520" (translated from French.
I tried to use HCl patch, hoping it would solve the problem, but it didn't helped me.

I'm using XP, with GeForce 5200 GT and 512 RAM.

If somebody could help me, it would be great, since SO look like a excellent "add-on".



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Secret Ops is not an add-on to WCP; it's a standalone game; therefore you need to install it in a different folder than WCP.

Another thing: since you're trying to run the game under WinXP, you need to set the compatibility on the game's EXE to Win95 or Win98. Right-click on secretops.exe, click "Properties", click on the "Compatibility" tab. It's all there.

(In French): Je suppose que t'a compris de l'anglais, mais SO n'est pas un add-on, mais un jeu complet qui doit être installé dans un dossier à part de WCP. De plus, puisque tu roules sous WinXP, tu dois configurer le niveau de compatibilité du jeu pour Win95 ou Win98. Clique-droit sur secretops.exe, cliques sur "Propriétés" puis sur l'onglet "Compatibilité". C'est là que tu peux cocher l'option de compatibilité.