WCP on GBA: Help With Mission Please


Hello WC fans. Just bought WCP for GBA. On mission Convoy Rescue, there are 3 legs to the mission. I kill every fighter, but no matter what I keep failing the mission. And my save game shows 81%... but I still keep failing the mission.

1. What am I doing wrong..? On the 2nd leg, do those 2 big ships jump flash out or are they instantly destroyed? There's no way I can get to them fast enough on Aburner full even. Please tell me how to succeed in mission Convoy Rescue. Does it matter if my wing mates get killed?

2. What is the purpose of saving 81%? To show I completed 81% of the mission? But almost is no dice right? The booklet is very poor in this regard, it doesn't explain anything very well.

If it is of any consolation, I played the original WC and WC2 on PC DOS back in early high school. Haven't played WC since.

PS. They should have included the fight music from the original WC in the GBA game. The music in the GBA is laaaaaaaaaame. It's not the quality I'm talking about, it's the choice of music. Also, Gamestop no longer carries this game. Why I have no idea. I had to buy it from a sketchy store a few blocks down from Gamestop.


Is that the one where you have to save the convoy just after you jump because you are being chased by big bug ships?
If so, I always lose the two big ships because they are trashed before you even get there! The cut-scene shows one of them blowing up before you even get to fight the fighters!


Bearded Person
Indeed. I haven't played the GBA version, but, on PC, there's a mission, early on, where you're sent after a convoy that's come under attack suddenly. No matter how fast you are, there is no way to save them, and so they show a cutscene, as soon as you arrive, of one of the ships being blown to smitherines. All you can do is kill bugs, and then refuel with the Redeemer. (I dunno if the Redeemer is in the GBA version or not). Don't feel too bad . . . there was nothing you could have done to save them. Just get revenge on the bugs!


You need to go straight for the Skate bombers as soon as you arrive at the Nav point where the transports are. You can't save the first two transports, but you are still on a timer--you have to take out the bombers quickly enough to pass the mission.