WCP Multiplayer Setup/Playing Guide


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In recent weeks I've seen a bit of an influx for WCP MP players and to be honest I thought I should create a setup walk through instead of having to explain this in #wingnut.

Server Setup

First, if you are behind firewall/router make sure you open port 5555.

Launch the WCP MP application.

Choose Server Mode.

You are presented with a dialog box with 4 options.

Number of Players - (exactly what it means) - Set this to the *exact* number of players. It won't launch if you have more slots than players.

Rounds per Match - Number of rounds before 1 game is over. Typically we play each game with 3 rounds. The limit is 15.

Half-Damage - This option does exactly what it says. It reduces damage to half on all guns and missiles. The best use of this option is if all players are using the "alswantsmoreships" cheat to unlock Kilrathi and Nephilim ships. They are not balanced at all for MP like the Confed ships are so the half-damage option can make it so they don't feel like you are wrapped in wrapping paper instead of armor.

Team Number - This is important if you are going for a Free-for-all or team match. In a FFA situation every player must select a unique number. For teams each member of a team needs to pick the same number. Team members will be blue on your radar and enemies red, just how they would normally appear.

Once you have entered in these options you can launch the game. You will then be prompted for your Crius.net account information for score reporting to the Multiplayer Killboard. If you don't already have an account, register here. Once this has been authenticated another dialog box will appear saying it is waiting for the other player(s) to connect.

At this point a quick switch to the Client side of things....

Client Setup

The Client side of things is fairly straightforward. Launch the WCP MP application and choose Client mode.

The dialog box that appears has two options.

IP Address - this is the IP address of the Server. Easily check IP addresses of people in #Wingnut in mirc with the /dns Nickname command.

Team Number - See Server Setup explanation.

Once these are entered you will get the Crius.net authenticate dialog box. It will then attempt to connect to the host.

Now the two sides come together. Connecting between players can take seconds or several minutes. It's an odd thing, so don't fret if it doesn't do it right away. If you get a connection failure double check your firewall/router settings. If that fails try switching hosts.

When everyone is connected a dialog box will appear asking you to launch the game. Well what are you waiting for? LAUNCH IT!

Let's hope everyone has a WCP cd in. If you don't, what the hell are you thinking? You are trying to play WCP MP here! Sheesh.

We Play to Win the Game!

WCP launches with its logo and then dumps you in the Midway's RecRoom.

You need to go to the Simulator. At the Sim Screen you choose your ship (you can use the alswantsmoreships cheat to unlock the Kat and Bug ships, but they are extremely unbalanced against the Confed models without half-damage on, so use at your own peril)

Once you have chosen a ship launch Sim 0. Once everyone has you will be thrown into the void and combat. Fight to the death.

Once all the rounds have been played the game will dump you back into the Sim Screen. At this point most of us exit the Sim (which will exit WCP MP) and go back to #wingnut to laugh or brag about the combat.

Most of us setup matches through #wingnut on the CIC IRC server. It is possible to play on a local network, using each machine's IP address as well.

And that's how to play WCP MP. I'll leave it open to the rest of the community to add to this with FAQs and any other thoughts that should be added. If you haven't tried WCP MP yet because you didn't know how, time to put that excuse to rest and hit the cockpit.
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